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The Secret To A Happy Marriage Could Be In Your Genes

Researchers found that the secret to a happy marriage involves more than just love and trust. Science showed that genes play an important role in marital satisfaction and attachment security.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 10, 2019

More Americans Choose To Stay Single And Live Healthier Lifestyles, Survey Shows

More American women today choose to stay single compared to men. However, this does not necessarily mean that unmarried people have given up on love.

Life & Style January 9, 2019

Marriage Linked To Lower Risk Of Heart Disease, New Study Finds

Researchers found a link between marriage and the reduced risk of developing heart disease, including heart attacks and strokes. The researchers believe that the link may be attributed to a number of factors such as additional social and emotional support.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 19, 2018

Men With Stronger Grip More Likely To Be Married: Study

Researchers found that men with stronger grips are actually more likely to be married. What could be the link between grip strength and marital status?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2018

Science Says It's Okay To Marry Your Cousin But Not For Your Kids To Marry Theirs

A new study shows that it is okay for people to marry their first cousins, their children probably shouldn't follow suit. Marrying cousins used to be more popular but has fallen out of favor.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 8, 2018

Marriage May Help Lower Dementia Risk: Study

A recent study suggested that people who have never been married have a higher chance of getting dementia. Widowed people also have a relatively increased risk of developing the mental affliction.

Public Health November 29, 2017

Find Out Why Americans Are Having Less Sex Than Before

People in the United States have been engaging in less sex than a quarter century ago, according to a new study. What could be possible factors affecting the frequency of sex among Americans?

Healthy Living/Wellness March 8, 2017

Are Married People Healthier? New Study Says Yes

A new study has found that married ones maintained lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than unmarried people. Marriage may serve as a defense against psychological stress, findings reveal.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 16, 2017

eHarmony’s CEO Steps Down Again: Here’s Who Is Taking Dr. Neil Clark Warren’s Place And How The Site Will Change

The relationship site eHarmony has a new CEO after Dr. Neil Clark Warren announced his retirement. Here’s the new direction Grant Langston will take the company in.

Business Tech July 27, 2016

Being Married Can Help Fight Off Cancer: Study

A new study suggests that patients who have a spouse have a 20 percent better chance of beating cancer than those who are unmarried. This is likely because of the support system that a spouse or partner can provide.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 8, 2016

Marriage Improves Survival Odds Of Cancer Patients

Marriage may greatly impact one's cancer survival odds, researchers found. Unmarried people may have an increased risk of dying from this dreaded disease compared to those who have spouses that offer both social and financial support.

Life April 13, 2016

Science Says Being 'Hangry' Is Real - Especially If You're Married

Scientists confirmed that being 'hangry' is an actual condition caused by low blood sugar. According to studies, the brain cannot function properly when it doesn't get enough fuel, causing people to be more irritable and aggressive.

Life January 4, 2016

Startup Will Pay For Your Wedding, But You'll Pay Them Back With Interest If You Divorce

Planning to get married but don’t have enough funds for the wedding? A startup company is offering soon-to-get-married couples a loan amount of up to $10,000 which they don’t have to pay back so long as they don’t divorce.

Start Ups December 12, 2015

Living With Partner Found Good For Women's Emotional Health, With Or Without Wedding Ring

Living together can bring the same emotional benefits as being married, a study suggests. The findings suggest changes in U.S. attitudes, researchers say.

Society December 8, 2015

Study Reveals Four Relationship Patterns That Could Determine If Couple Will Tie The Knot

A new study found that couples can be grouped into one of four distinct relationship patterns. The researchers then used these patterns to determine whether couples of each type can stay committed long enough to tie the knot.

Society November 11, 2015

Marriage Linked To Better Recovery After Heart Surgery

A new study revealed that a patient’s marriage has significant contributions to his/her recovery. Compared to patients who were separated, divorced or widowed, patients who were married had higher chances of surviving after a surgical operation on their heart, researchers said.

Life October 29, 2015

6-Year-Old Wants Divorcing Parents To Be Friends And 'Try Not To be Mean' [Video]

A 6-year-old whose parents are divorcing implores them to 'try not to be mean' and just be friends.

Internet Culture September 23, 2015

Girls' Cast Member Allison Wiliams Marries Ricky Van Veen

Allison Williams of American TV series Girls marries long-time boyfriend Ricky Van Veen, CollegeHumor co-founder. The two had their wedding at a ranch on a Saturday afternoon.

Society September 21, 2015

A Quantum Entanglement Wedding Can Really Tie The Knot In Las Vegas

The Art Motel in Las Vegas has a new room, where they say a couple may join together though quantum entanglement. Is this the hot new trend in marriage?

August 6, 2015

Someone's Getting Married In 'Batgirl' #42 And It's A First

In 'Batgirl' #42, not only does Barbara Gordon fight crime alongside Batman, but she also gets excited about an upcoming wedding. So who got engaged?

Movies/TV Shows July 29, 2015

First Robot Wedding In The World Takes Place In Japan [Video]

While the U.S. celebrates gay marriage, Japan welcomes its first robot wedding.

Internet Culture June 29, 2015

Novelist Attempting To Cross Atlantic Loses Boat But Fixes Broken Marriage

Michael Hurley, a novelist who hails from South Carolina, was rescued on Wednesday by college students aboard a maritime training ship. Hurley was attempting to cross the Atlantic when he lost his sailboat after facing a number of storms.

Society June 15, 2015

Marriage Benefits Men More Compared With Women: Heart Disease Risk Drops 14 Percent When You Tie The Knot

Men benefit more from tying the knot compared with women as they experience an improvement in health, according to a new study by scientists in the United Kingdom.

Life June 12, 2015

Men Who Are Dependent On Their Breadwinner Wives Are Likely To Cheat: Truth About Infidelity Of Millennials?

Millennial men are highly likely to cheat on their breadwinner wives, a study suggests. They feel that they have to prove their masculinity and not be overpowered by their financially able spouses.

Life June 4, 2015

The 7 Best Wedding Planning Apps Brides And Grooms Should Download Now

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Make the experience more organized and easy-to-manage by downloading these seven wedding planning apps.

Feature May 15, 2015

Study Shows Balance Of Housework Between Couples Shifts After Birth Of First Child

While both parents receive an increase in their workload after their baby is born, the wife's share rises by two full hours compared to the husband's, which goes up by only 40 minutes.

Life May 8, 2015

Survey Says Many Tinder Users Are Married Or In Relationships

According to a new survey, there are more men on Tinder than women — and a significant portion of them are either husbands or boyfriends.

Internet Culture May 7, 2015

This 'The Price Is Right' Mass Wedding Is The Best Way To Tie The Knot

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. And you. And you. And you."

Movies/TV Shows April 18, 2015

Divorce Is Hard On The Heart — Literally, As It Increases Heart Attack Risk

People who divorce face a higher risk of heart attacks, a study finds. Women face greater risks, and the risk remains high even if they remarry, researchers say.

Life April 14, 2015

Judge Allows Woman To Serve Divorce Papers Via Facebook

These days, Facebook is becoming quite the one-stop-shop, isn't it? Now, one woman gets to go where no Facebook user has gone before: serving divorce papers via the social media platform.

Internet Culture April 6, 2015

Guy Vacations Without Wife In Puerto Rico And Hilariously Pretends To Be Miserable

A Reddit user uploaded vacation photos of himself looking miserable so his homebound wife wouldn't be jealous of his trip to Puerto Rico.

Internet Culture March 31, 2015

Bride Dumps Groom At The Altar After Finding He Can't Do Simple Math

An Indian bride refused to marry her fiancé after finding that he could not do simple math. When 1 plus 1 doesn't equal 2...

Internet Culture March 13, 2015

Study Shows Marriages More Prone To Divorce When Wife Is Afflicted With Serious Illness

Researchers have found that married relationships where the wife gets sick are likelier to end in divorce. So much for in sickness and in health, right?

Society March 11, 2015

How About Marriage Proposal... 365 Times? This Guy Did It [Video]

Dean Smith planned an elaborate 365 day long marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Jen.

Internet Culture March 9, 2015

Couple Married 67 Years Died Holding Hands

One couple had been together since 1940 and married since 1947. They spent most of their lives together, so dying together seemed like the best way to go.

Internet Culture February 28, 2015

Cheaters Rejoice? Adultery Is No Longer A Crime In South Korea

South Korea's Constitutional Court has declared the country's anti-adultery law unconstitutional. Maintaining marriage and family should depend on a person's love and free will, it said.

Society February 27, 2015

Angry Indian Bride Marries Guest At Her Wedding

An Indian bride traded in her fiancé after finding out he had a medical condition and married a guest at her wedding instead.

Internet Culture February 20, 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch Spends His Honeymoon With Jimmy Kimmel And Talks Baby Names

Oscar-nominated actor Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Monday night, two days after getting married.

Internet Culture February 17, 2015

These Japanese Apartments Are Designed To Help People Find Romance (Stripper Pole Included)

A Tokyo-based real estate company is designing homes that include bigger mutual living spaces so couples can cook and bathe together as well as dance around a stripper pole to increase marriage rates.

Internet Culture January 30, 2015

Reddit User Turns His Wife’s Affair Into A Real-Time Soap Opera

A Reddit user and grieving husband uses the site to tell his saga about his cheating wife and sister-in-law, taking advice from the community and giving live updates for three days.

Internet Culture January 22, 2015

Love Cats? This UK Woman Celebrates 11th Wedding Anniversary with Her Two Cats

One woman from London brings a whole new meaning to Crazy Cat Lady as she celebrates her 11th year of marriage to, not one, but two cats.

Internet Culture January 13, 2015

Tiffany's New Engagement Ad Features Its First Same-Sex Couple

The 178-year-old jeweler Tiffany & Co. is featuring a gay couple for the first time, as it takes a more "modern approach" to love.

Internet Culture January 12, 2015

Man Proposing From Heavy Duty Crane Wrecks Roof of Nearby House

A botched marriage proposal ends with a crane in the neighbor's roof.

Internet Culture December 18, 2014

What’s The Best Day To Get Engaged? Data Has Some Answers

A survey from the UK found that while men are more likely to propose on Christmas Eve more than any other day of the year, most women want men to ask them using technology.

Internet Culture December 2, 2014

These Tech Products Will Change The Way You Look At Marriage

Taiwan studio Alice Wang Design revealed a new project that may change the way we look at marriages. She tackled typical marital challenges by developing technologies that she hopes will change the way we approach the union.

Geek November 24, 2014

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