It's a big day for Community fans the world over. Though NBC cancelled the cult comedy last year, it wasn't long before Yahoo announced that it would be picking up the series to stream on its Yahoo Screen platform. The wait is finally over, and you can now stream the first two episodes of Season 6 of Community on Yahoo Screen.

But a sixth season of Community is a lot more significant for fans than just having more new episodes of this beloved show. For years, the saying "six seasons and a movie" has been a rallying cry for fans to try and convince NBC to keep the low-rated and often in jeopardy Community on the air. The phrase has been referenced in the show and by its cast for years.

In fact, it's this kind of engagement with fans that has cultivated Community's passionate following for six seasons. There have been a ton of hidden Easter eggs and running gags throughout the series so far that upon discovering them make fans feel like they are in on the joke and a part of a special community of their own. Here are 11 of the very best.

1. Community Meets Cougar Town And Vice Versa

In the Season 2 episode "Critical Film Studies," Abed tells Jeff at length about his experience as an extra on the show Cougar Town. Abed brought up Cougar Town so many times that episode, you probably knew something was up. Lo and behold, a couple of months later, we got to see what went down during Abed's 15 minutes of fame when he actually appeared in the background of an episode of Cougar Town while Busy Phillips' Laurie and Dan Byrd's Travis chat. Phillips and Byrd also appeared on the season finale of Community for a hot second.

2. We Knew What Happened To Annie's Pen All Along

Annie's purple pen goes missing in the Season 2 episode "Cooperative Calligraphy," and she won't let any of the Community crew leave the study room until it's found. As you can imagine, things get super intense, but all of that trouble could have been avoided if these Greendale students just paid a little more attention. We eventually find out that Troy's former pet monkey Annie's Boobs nabbed the pen, but we actually see the theft happen early on in the episode, which you can see in the video above.

3. Jeff And Dean Pelton Have Similar Taste In Underwear

All Community fans know that Dean Pelton is obsessed with Jeff, so much so that he appears to be donning the blue-and-orange striped skivvies Jeff wears in the Season 1 episode "Physical Education" later on in the Season 3 episode "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux." Here's hoping Dean Pelton is just wearing the same style of underwear as Jeff, not actually Jeff's underwear, although that does sound like something he would do.

4. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

It took three episodes across three different seasons for this Easter egg to happen. A character says the name "Beetlejuice" once in the episodes "Communication Studies" (Season 1), "Cooperative Calligraphy" (Season 2) and "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps" (Season 3). After Annie says it for the third time, someone dressed like the ghoul from Tim Burton's 1988 movie Beetlejuice walks past her since we all know Beetlejuice only appears after you say his name three times.

5. Abed Casually Delivered A Baby

Some fans noticed that Abed's relationship with a pregnant student and her partner played out in the background of the Season 2 episode "The Psychology of Letting Go," which culminated in him delivering the baby in the back of a car. However, an even better potential Easter egg would be that the couple first appeared in Season 1 as the couple that threw away some contraception in the background at the behest of Dean Pelton. Although it's unclear whether this is actually the same couple for whom Abed helped deliver a baby, he did that nine or 10 months later, so the math does add up.

6. The Study Group Leaves Chang Out... In Miniature Form

The study group built an adorable diorama of their study room, complete with little figurines of themselves. As usual, the group ditched Chang in real life, and they put his figurine on the outside looking in on the diorama too.

7. Donald Glover Is Spider-Man

When the news of the first Spider-Man movie reboot broke years ago, a grassroots campaign for Donald Glover to be cast as the new superhero caught fire, which the actor also supported. Glover would eventually voice Miles Morales on the animated TV series Ultimate Spider-Man, but before then, Glover referenced his Spidey Sense by wearing Spider-Man pajamas as his character Troy in one Community episode.

8. Never Underestimate The Power Of A Lady Miss Lady Kit

One flashback in the Season 2 episode "Paradigms of Human Memory" shows Shirley teaching Britta, Abed and Annie how to sell Lady Miss Lady cosmetics kits. A hitchhiker is also carrying one of the pink cases when Britta picks him up in the Season 3 episode "Studies in Modern Movement."

9. Amy Poehler Was On Community

Amy Poehler never physically guest starred on Community, but she has been on the show in photo form. As Troy freaks out over meeting LeVar Burton in the Season 2 episode "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking," the picture hanging on the wall behind him is of Poehler from her early days modelling as a candy striper for some reason.

10. It's hard To Get Rid Of Bad Taco Meat

In Community's Season 2 Halloween episode "Epidemiology," everyone gets food poisoning from some nasty taco meat Dean Pelton bought from an army surplus store. Troy references the dean's "free taco meat from the army" in the following year's Halloween episode "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps.

11. You've Heard This One Before

Michael Haggins' "Daybreak" is such an earworm that the Community crew just can't stop humming the song. A few episodes feature some of the characters humming the smooth jazz song, and now you'll be humming "Daybreak" until actual daybreak too.

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