The Florida Man parody Twitter account is probably the best and worst thing to ever happen to the Internet. After launching in January 2013, the account's tweets of unbelievably true news stories out of the Sunshine State soon went viral.

Florida Man taps into the feeling many of us have that news of the wackiest, funniest and most ridiculous crimes and other illicit activities always come out of Florida. At least that's what the Internet tells us.

Now if you don't actually want to live like a Florida Man, but you kind of want to experience the rush of doing something completely bonkers and the feeling of going viral every once in a while, today is your lucky day. Tampa, Fla.-based Cigar City Brewing has come up with something that will quench your thirst.

Cigar City Brewing is tipping its hat to the "world's worst superhero" with its new Florida Man Double IPA. The beer is currently available in Cigar City Brewing's tasting room for $9 a bottle, and it may even make its way into retailers across Florida, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The Florida Man beer has a "'a bright citrusy hop character' with notes of piney resin, apricot, peach, orange and lemon on a solid malt background," Cigar City Brewing's marketing associate Russell Breslow told the Orlando Sentinel.

One look at a bottle of Florida Man, and you'll notice something very familiar. The mug shot of Ricky Lee Kalichun on the bottle is the same one used by the Florida Man parody Twitter account. However, this time his Sharpie-decorated face in the original photo is slightly covered up with aviator sunglasses. Awkwardly enough, Kalichun, who was arrested for attacking someone with a sword in 2011, is actually from Evansville, Ind., not Florida. A mishap like this would make a Florida Man proud. Apparently, the person that created the Florida Man parody Twitter account, whoever that may be, doesn't have anything to do with the Florida Man Double IPA. He or she doesn't seem happy about that either.

Or maybe he or she was just joking.

One thing is for sure. The Florida Man meme has taken on a life of its own. Sean Dunne also recently released a documentary available to stream for free on Vimeo called Florida Man, which basically follows men in Florida as they just do what they do. Stay amazing, Florida men.

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