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Apple To Launch News Subscription Service But Faces Publishers' Backlash Over 50 Percent Revenue Cut: Report

Apple is getting ready to launch its news subscription service that's described as a 'Netflix for news.' However, it's running into some issues with publishers over the terms, according to a new report.

Apple February 12, 2019

Microsoft Reveals Rebranded Microsoft News, Redesigned App For iOS And Android

Microsoft released a newly rejuvenated Microsoft News platform. It is expected to give news aficionados numerous opportunities to connect themselves to current events through the MSN website and an app for Android and iOS users.

Microsoft June 20, 2018

Google News Revamp Will Reportedly Make It Faster, With More Video: What To Expect

Google News is getting a significant update soon, with faster loading times thanks to AMP and more. The update will likely debut at Google I/O next week and will consolidate several other Google services.

Google May 6, 2018

Flipboard Update Brings Smart Magazines To Streamline Your Feed And Better Organize World News

Flipboard announced a major update designed to make it easier to follow and discover relevant news and content. With this in mind, Flipboard introduced Smart Magazines, a 'new way to organize the world's stories.'

Apps/Software February 10, 2017

Facebook And Google Will Help Filter Out Fake News In France Ahead Of Presidential Election

Facebook and Google are helping to make sure fake news articles don’t get spread during France’s upcoming presidential election.

Internet February 6, 2017

Is BitTorrent Planning To Launch Its Own News Network?

BitTorrent could be planning to launch its own TV news network, according to a recent report. A job posting has emerged on the Web suggesting that the company is allegedly looking for the network's News Director.

Internet June 22, 2016

How Social Media Is Changing The Way We Access News: Study

Social media has overtaken television as a source of news, a new study found. More than half of online users get their news from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or others, but what does that mean for publishers?

Business Tech June 15, 2016

BBC To Shut Down Recipe Website And Other Online Services As Part Of Cost Reduction

BBC Worldwide's Good Food website and magazine will remain.

Internet May 17, 2016

Google News Creates A ‘Local Source’ Tag To Highlight Stories By Regional Publications

To give smaller publishers and journalists a little more credit, Google is introducing the Local Source tag.

Google May 9, 2016

Report: 51% of Americans Get their News from Social Media, but Don’t Trust It

Less than one-quarter of individuals who said they rely on social media for news claimed that they trusted the sources.

Internet April 18, 2016

Worst Jobs In America: Newspaper Reporter, Logger, Broadcaster Top The List

For three years straight, newspaper reporters top the list of’s worst jobs, closely followed by loggers and broadcasters. Declining job growth, low pay, and shrinking job opportunities are seen as the reasons behind the inclusion of the said jobs.

Business April 16, 2016

Negative Statin News Linked To Prescription Reduction, Increased Heart Attack Risks

A new study found that negative news about statins may result in decreased prescription and use. People tend to discontinue treatment, leading to increased heart attack risks.

Life December 6, 2015

Apple's News App Is Blocked In China: Why?

Attempts to access Apple's News app in China are greeted with an error message of the app not being supported in the current region. Users that have access to the app are usually able to read content even as they go overseas.

Apps/Software October 12, 2015

Reddit Has A New News Website Called Upvoted, But No Upvotes Or Downvotes Allowed

Reddit has launched Upvoted, a news website featuring stories based on Reddit threads. Despite its name, users won't be able to upvote, downvote or comment, but the stories are added to the subreddit /r/upvoted.

Internet October 7, 2015

New NYC News App Blockfeed Offers Location-Based Info

A new app called Blockfeed aggregates local news for New York City residents and visitors based on their current location. The app plans to expand to other dense urban areas soon.

Apps/Software August 17, 2015

More Americans Rely On Facebook And Twitter As Source Of News: Report

A new study conducted by the Pew Research Center shows 63 percent of Facebook and Twitter users use these social media platforms as a source of news, even as 60 percent of them think it is not an “important” source of news.

Internet July 15, 2015

After Twitter, Instagram Also Gets News-Centric: Here's What The Latest Update Brings

Instagram looks to allow users to follow real-time news on certain events with the new Explore feature. Will it be able to compete with Twitter?

Internet June 24, 2015

Apple WWDC 2015: News App Comes To iOS, Maps Gets Transit View

Apple's new iOS News app curates articles based on your interests.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 8, 2015

It’s Now Free To Read The New York Times Using The NYT Now App

The New York Times freed its app from a subscription model to offer free content to users.

Internet Culture May 12, 2015

This #KardBlock Browser Extension Will Block The Kardashians From Ever Bothering You Again

This new browser extension will block all news related to the Kardashians from appearing on your newsfeeds or on websites.

Internet Culture May 7, 2015

Facebook To Host News Content — What It Means For Facebook, Publications And You

Facebook is reportedly in talks with a number of large news organizations to host their content on the site.This will have a significant impact on both users and news publications.

Internet March 24, 2015

That 'Florida Man' Twitter Account Is Now A Beer

The Florida Man parody Twitter account has entertained us with unbelievably true news stories of men in Florida doing crazy things. Now you can drink like a Florida Man.

Internet Culture March 19, 2015

Survey Reveals That Young Adults Read News

Thanks to social networks, millennials are consuming the news in a new way. A new poll shows softer news often comes through social networking sites, while they actively seek out more information on certain topics.

Society March 16, 2015

Americans Trust Fox News More Than Any Other TV News Outlet

A new poll from Quinnipiac University found that Americans trust Fox News more than any other TV news outlet. That is either a complete surprise or exactly what you thought would happen.

Movies/TV Shows March 9, 2015

Bill O'Reilly Faces Brian William Issues: Fox News Host's Coverage of Falklands War In Question

Fox News host rebukes report that he lied about his location during his Falklands war coverage. He calls the Mother Jones report garbage and the author a liar.

Society February 20, 2015

'Zombie Cat' Returns From The Dead Five Days After Being Buried

Every pet owner's nightmare.

Internet Culture January 27, 2015

The 7 Best Podcasts To Fit Every Mood

Thanks to the popularity of 'Serial,' we're in the middle of a podcast renaissance. These are the seven podcasts you need to be listening to right now.

Movies/TV Shows January 16, 2015

Dish Network Gets Foxy with Fox News after Contract Negotiations Fail

Dish and Fox fall and point fingers at one another after talks fall apart. Fox News and Fox Business are blacked out of Dish's lineup.

Deals December 22, 2014

Ommegang announces fifth 'Game of Thrones' beer: The Three-Eyed Raven

Brewery Ommegang and HBO have just announced the fifth beer in their 'Game of Thrones' series of collectible brews. The Dark Saison Ale will go by the creepy moniker Three-Eyed Raven and be available in the spring.

Internet Culture November 5, 2014

9 absurd Ebola headlines that prove the media has gone over the edge

Turn on the news, pick up a newspaper, go to a website: Ebola is all you hear about. Here are 9 crazy-but-real headlines that show how insane the media has gone over Ebola.

Internet Culture October 20, 2014

Internet fact or just rumor? Data shows unverified, false reports are shared more than truth

The Internet is the fastest way to access and share news. A new tool, however, revealed that unverified claims and false reports are shared more than facts.

Internet Culture September 30, 2014

Snapchat aims to post ads, news items and yes they'll all disappear just like photos

Snapchat is looking to get into the revenue-generating business by adding ads to its messaging app. It will also add news articles, all of which will disappear like photos.

Apps/Software August 20, 2014

Facebook tags 'satire content' to help users understand satire

Facebook is adding a new feature to help users know when an article they are reading is satire or real news. It comes as a number of users had requested the feature.

Internet August 18, 2014

Why is Al Gore waging war with Al Jazeera?

Former Vice President Al Gore is suing 24-hour news network, Al Jazeera America for breaching a contract regarding the cable channel Current TV. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of shareholders that are owed millions of dollars.

Movies/TV Shows August 16, 2014

Pangolins, world's most illegally-traded animals, will be eaten to extinction

Eight species of pangolins, a scaly anteater native to Asia and Africa, have been added to the list of threatened species. Could these 'walking artichokes' go the way of the dodo?

Earth/Environment July 30, 2014

What caused the global warming 'pause'? Natural fluctuations, says scientist

A new research paper explains the pause in global warming from 1998 to 2013.

Earth/Environment July 24, 2014

Laser-guided cargo spacecraft docks at the International Space Station

A spacecraft successfully landed July 16 bringing new supplies to the six astronauts at the International Space Station.

Space July 17, 2014

NASA screams 'fake' to viral CNN report that giant asteroid will collide with Earth

The Earth is safe from a non-existent asteroid, despite a report carried on CNN.

Space May 29, 2014

5 Google stories to track: Patent battle ends, new Glass guru pens a note, India takes Google to court

Get a jump on this week's tech news with a look back at what's been trending. Google, for obvious reasons, is a mainstay in headlines.

Internet May 18, 2014

Google Trends offers email alerts for newshounds in changing online landscape

Trends are getting easier to track. The Internet search company announced that it had launched a new email service that allows users to have trends send to their inbox on a daily basis.

Internet April 20, 2014

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