If you are cat lover, you would definitely want to chill with these cats, bro.

Sure, cats are known to be self-sufficient. They don't like to be bothered, especially when taking a cat nap, and they certainly don't need you for anything — well, except an occasional cuddle. But they will always be there for you and never leave you hanging when you go for a high-five.

The Dodo, known for its adorable animal coverage, released a new video on YouTube that proves bro cats are man's best friend.

These high-fiving kitties should be a fraternity requirement because they are the coolest cats to chill with. They are the kind of cats that will spot you at gym, then open your beer while you chill out on the sofa. Who knows, they may offer you some of their catnip.

Who needs a dog when a bro cat can shoot hoops with you? Even though he may school you on a ball, he always knows to give credit when it's due, ready for a fist bump at any time.

And can a dog even lift, bro? Bet you they can't, but bro cats can. 

Watch the cat video with bro cats being bro with their humans below.


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Photo: Laurinha Lii | Flickr

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