Pet owners should know that if their feline friend is taking a cat nap, then definitely do not disturb them. This one cat owner found this out the hard way after disturbing his cat, only to have karma literally dropped on his head.

The "Cat Owner Instant Karma" video, uploaded by LiveLeak user Dave Fortin, is already going viral after receiving more than 85,000 views in just 14 hours.

The video starts off with a guy picking up his guitar, presumably to play a little music for the camera. He walks over to his chair and obnoxiously strums his guitar to wake his cat who obviously has called dibs on the seat.

Since his cat pays no mind to the sound, the owner aggressively picks him up from the back of his neck, placing him on the ground before giving him a kick to get out of his shot. What did this poor kitty do to deserve such rude treatment?

But if you are a cat owner, then you know they can be sweet one second and take out the claws the next when they need to. After all, cats aren't strangers to sneak attacks:

The cat didn't want to be disrupted from his nap, so it’s only fair that he would disrupt his owner. With a little help from karma, the owner would soon meet the same the fate.

Just as the guy sits down and plays a chord, a dog barks in the close distance, causing the cat to race up the steps.

As the cat sprints for safety upstairs, he accidentally (?) knocks into a plant resting on one of the stairs and it comes tumbling down. Giving his owner exactly what he deserves, the plant crashes onto the top of his head in an instant case of karma.

Watch the video for yourself below.

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Photo: Dave Fortin | LiveLeak

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