Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X Review Roundup: What Can This Monster Gaming Graphics Card Do?


Nvidia's GeForce GTX Titan X is the first GPU created by Nvidia that comes with 12GB of VRAM.

A sizeable upgrade to the GTX 980, the GTX Titan X features a 384-bit memory interface that is able to transfer data by 50 percent faster at 336.5GB per second. The GTX Titan X is also the first Nvidia GPU to use the GM200 core, which holds 8 billion transistors within a 28nm die. Nvidia also recommends a 600W power supply at minimum for the powerful graphics card.

The specifications are amazing on paper, with the GPU expected to be able to handle a 4K display on its own. With its recent release into the market, the Titan X has already received several reviews as one of the most-anticipated pieces of gaming hardware for the quarter.

Tom's Hardware: "Nvidia's new single-GPU flagship assumes a position previously occupied by the original Titan. That card's GM200-powered successor is faster (by a lot), more feature-packed and equipped with twice the GDDR5 memory. Meanwhile, it costs the same, occupies an identical form factor and sports a similar power rating. Bonus points for being the only graphics card you can put in a mini-ITX form factor and get playable frame rates at 3840x2160 out the other end... GeForce GTX Titan X is currently my only option for an upgrade to Ultra HD, even if it means dialing back quality a little bit to get smoother performance in certain titles."

Eurogamer: "Overall then, Titan X - and by extension, future GM200 products - gives us something we've been looking forward to for some time: the ability to play at 4K with decent quality settings and a sporting chance of hitting and sustaining 60fps. Pair Titan X with a G-Sync monitor and you're looking at an experience that no other GPU is currently capable of achieving."

Anandtech: "The only thing that can really threaten the GTX Titan X at this time are multi-GPU configurations such as GTX 980 SLI and the Radeon R9 295X2... For as much of a legacy as the GTX Titan line can have at this point, it's clear that the GTX Titan X is as worthy a successor as NVIDIA could hope for... Overall then it should come as no surprise that from a gaming performance standpoint the GTX Titan X stands alone. Delivering an average performance increase over the GTX 980 of 33%, GTX Titan X further builds on what was already a solid single-GPU performance lead for NVIDIA."

PC World: "The Titan X is the first video card that can play games at 4K resolution and high graphics settings without frame rates dropping down to slideshow-esque rates. Nvidia was right: Single-GPU graphics cards don't come more powerful than the Titan X. It's no contest. The Titan X truly is the first solo GPU card capable of playing 4K games at reasonable detail settings and frame rates. And that ferocious power pushes even further if you're playing with MFAA enabled, especially if you're lucky enough to have a G-Sync monitor to match."

Gamespot: "The Titan X is Maxwell without compromise... The GTX Titan X is the fastest single-GPU I've ever tested... The Titan X is the first card where you can reasonably play in 4K without having to go with an SLI or Crossfire setup... This is an enthusiast grade graphics card, with enthusiast pricing to match."

The Titan X is now available and priced at $999, a steep price for the casual gamer perhaps. However, for the hardcore gamer, it is well worth the price.

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