Finding the best gaming laptop may seem difficult particularly to users who would usually compare its price with the PS4, which retails at around $500.

Probing further and learning about the spec sheets should be enough reason for the machine's price. Most of them feature 1080p HD screens, the latest Intel processors and RAM that reach as much as 16GB.

Indeed, the tech world will never be complete without these beasts of a machine. This side of the market is so influential that a number of companies have devoted time and effort in perfecting the type of technology that stands up to the demands of the most resource-consuming and most complex software.

Here are the best gaming laptops that one can find on the market today.

Alienware 17. The Alienware 17 gaming laptop features aerospace-inspired carbon fiber filled surfaces, copper heat sinks and high-end CPU and graphics. It is designed to deliver an awesome gaming experience wherever and whenever one pleases.

Users can easily achieve an ultimate at-home entertainment experience simply by pairing the laptop with the optional Alienware Graphics Amplifier that features a desktop GPU. Other features include IPS-based LCD technology, premium reinforced full-size keyboard, impressive audio powered by Creative SoundBlaster Pro Studio Software and Klipsch, 2.0MP Full HD webcam, dual microphone, Quad-Core Intel Core i7 processor, AlienFX API, and pre-installed Alien Autopsy.

Razer Blade 14. The Razer Blade 14 gaming laptop is a sleek machine that measures a mere 0.70-inches thin. It's built with a stunning QHD+ display and up to 16GB of fast 1600 MHz DDR3L memory with up to 512GB of solid-state storage. This means that it can deliver faster speeds of up to four times the traditional hard drives, allowing a quicker booting and a faster game launching.

Other features include an Intel Core i7 4720HQ processor, the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M graphics, and state-of-the-art IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) display panel technology that pumps out 5.76 million pixels at 262 pixels for every inch.

Asus Rog G751. This gaming laptop, which boasts a 17.3-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS display, is one of the first gaming laptops that can play games at 4K resolutions. It's built with the ASUS TurboMaster GPU overclocking technology that's responsible for achieving a performance boost of up to 5 percent. It also has up to 32GB RAM of a quartet of SO-DIMM slots support. Other features include dual fans built with copper heat sinks, easy-access game keys and additional programmable macro keys.

MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012. The MSI GE70 Apache Pro-012 laptop is built with state-of-the-art hardware that easily enhances one's gaming experience. At its core is the Intel Core i7-4700 HQ processor that users can opt to have turbo boosted up to 3.4 GHz. It also promises a non-lagging experience, which is credited to the machine's 12GB of DDR3L RAM. Other features include NVIDIA GeForce GTX860M graphics card, 2GB GDDR5 video memory and the Steel Series Full Color Backlit keyboard.

Gigabyte P35W v2. This sleek gaming laptop comes packed with 4th gen Intel Core i7 processor that is paired with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 870M 6GB graphics processor. It also boasts a smart thermal design and dual fans that are enough to keep the machine's temperature down. There's also a quad-storage bay for keeping a number of games on dual HDDs and dual SSD drives. Opting for a full kit version would give the user a storage of almost 5TB. If a large space is not a priority, users can take advantage of its swappable drive when they want to have a Blu-Ray, a disc drive, or none at all in order to keep the weight down. For the display geeks, this laptop boasts a Full HD panel that is built with wide viewing angle. Users can enjoy a 170-degree view and 300 nits of brightness. Lastly, it has a Mini Display Port that one can output at 4K.

Origin EVO15-S. The Origin EVO15-S is a 0.78-inch thin gaming laptop that boasts beefy specs and features. It has the quad-core i7 processor of Intel, the 970m GTX graphics card of GeForce, DDR3 RAM of 16GB, and SSD of up to 128GB and HDD of 1TB. Apart from having various USB 3.0 ports, it also has SD card reader, 720p camera and a choice between a glossy UHD IPS panel or a matte display of 15-inch 1080p.

Gigabyte Aorus X3 Plus. Key features of the Gigabyte Aorus X3 Plus include 13.3-inch screen of 3200 x 1800, GeForce GTX 870M graphics of NVIDIA, i7-4860HQ processor of Intel Core, a pair of 256GB M.2 SSDs in RAID 0, weight of 1.8kg and thickness of only 23mm. It's one of the most portable gaming laptops that can easily fit in a backpack. It has an excellent pin-sharp screen that beats the competition in terms of contrast ratio, black levels and color accuracy. Other features include speakers that deliver good, detailed sound, adequate performing keyboard and battery life of up to 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Schenker XMG P304. The Schenker XMG P304 is among the new breed of bijou gaming laptops that boasts a 13.3-inch screen and 2kg of weight. Its unique portability comes with an unbelievably strong battery life, allowing up to 4 hours of gaming under a screen that has its brightness set to 40 percent. It's excellent in terms of color accuracy, black levels and brightness, which makes it a better gaming laptop than the pricier models from popular makers. Other key features include NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics, RAM of 8GB, and Samsung 840 EVO SSD of 250GB.

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