Star Wars and Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford will narrate a documentary about aviation history for National Geographic Studios.

The company recently announced the release of the documentary, called Living In The Age of Airplanes.

This announcement comes on the heels of Ford crashing his vintage World War II plane into a golf course, an accident from which the actor is still recovering. The accident occurred after the plane's engine failed just after takeoff. Officials called Ford's injuries serious but not life threatening.

The 72-year-old Ford is also a longtime aviation enthusiast and pilot.

The film looks at the history of aviation, using aerial photography, as well as examines how air travel has impacted the world. Brian J. Terwilliger directed the film, which was shot in 95 locations in 18 countries.

The film premieres on April 8 at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC., after which it makes its way to IMAX, 15/70mm dome screens and digital cinemas in 20 cities across the U.S two days later.

"Since we were all born into a world with airplanes, it's hard to imagine that jet travel itself is only 60 years old, just a tick on the timeline of human history," says Terwilliger. "With this film, we want to reignite people's wonder for one of the most extraordinary aspects of the modern world."

Meanwhile, Ford continues to receive care after his crash at a Los Angeles hospital. This is the second time Ford has visited a hospital in recent years: the first being after sustaining an ankle injury while working on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The film rescheduled its shoot to accommodate Ford while he recovered from that. The actor wrapped filming on that project in November 2014.

The crash was also not Ford's first: in 1999, he crash-landed a helicopter, but was not hurt. In perhaps what could best be described as life imitating art, many have Photoshopped the actor's golf course landing, taking out the airplane and adding the Millennium Falcon, the ship piloted by Ford's character Han Solo in the Star Wars films.

[Photo Credit: Living in the Age of Airplanes | YouTube]

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