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Stratolaunch, World's Largest Plane By Wingspan, Flies For The First Time

Stratolaunch has successfully completed the first flight of the world’s largest all-composite aircraft. This highlights the company’s position as a contender in the market for air-launching small satellites.

Space April 15, 2019

Amelia Earhart’s Desperate Calls For Help Heard In Radio Distress Signals

Amelia Earhart sent calls for help days after her plane disappeared, and several people around the world heard them. Experts said this is the best evidence yet that Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan died as castaways on an uninhabited island.

July 26, 2018

Bones Discovered Are Claimed To Be The Remains Of Amelia Earhart With 99 Percent Certainty

Remains that were previously said to be that of a male are now said to be the remains of Amelia Earhart. The remains were originally found in 1940.

Viral March 8, 2018

Malaysia Airlines: First Major Airline To Use Satellite Technology To Track Own Fleet

Malaysia Airlines will be the first airline to use space-based satellite technology to track its planes. Malaysia Airlines is still reeling from the 2014 disaster when its Flight 370 disappeared in the Indian Ocean.

Business Tech April 19, 2017

NASA Scientists Study Cosmic Rays To Improve Radiation Protection For Frequent Flyers

The results of a NASA study on effects of cosmic radiation on the atmosphere in high-altitudes have been published and the research is expected to improve radiation monitoring, creating alerts to protect frequent flyers from high-radiation environments.

Space January 30, 2017

Maiden Flight Of Helium-Filled Airship Scrubbed Over Technical Glitch

Due to a slight technical glitch, the maiden flight of the world's largest airship has been postponed at the last minute. The airship is prominent for its bulbous front end.

August 15, 2016

Solar Impulse 2 Is First Solar-Powered Plane To Cross The Atlantic

The Solar Impulse 2 recently completed its journey across the Atlantic, making the 15th leg of its journey to circumnavigate the world a success. The 15th stage started in New York on Monday and ended on Thursday in Seville, Spain.

Energy June 23, 2016

British Airways Plane Hits Possible Drone During Heathrow Airport Landing

A British Airways aircraft descending onto London's Heathrow Airport on Sunday afternoon hit an object believed to be a drone. The plane has since then landed safely, and no injuries were reported.

Society April 19, 2016

BASIC Countries Oppose Airline Carbon Emission Tax

The four BASIC countries on April 7 expressed opposition towards the aviation industry's plan to propose carbon emission tax on airlines. Officials said it would place unfair economic burden on developing countries.

Earth/Environment April 11, 2016

How Do Airplanes Manage To Fly In Such Cold Temperatures?

How airplanes manage to survive in cold temperatures is a puzzling concept. Various explanations exists, including a recent study involving a Namib desert beetle.

Energy January 25, 2016

Boron Nitride Nanotubes Hold Key To Fuel-Efficient Fighter Planes, Space Shuttles

Boron nitride nanotubes are believed to help produce better, more efficient fighter planes and space shuttles in the future. Researchers credit the outstanding strength of BNNT-epoxy interfaces for this possibility.

FUTURE TECH January 8, 2016

Study: Asking Humans To Monitor Computers In Airline Cockpits A Recipe For Disaster

Increasing automation on the flight deck puts strain on human pilots tasked with monitoring automated flight, a study suggests. The results of loss of attention can be disastrous, they suggest.

October 3, 2015

Airbus Perlan Glider Makes History By Gliding At The Edge Of Space

The success of Perlan 2 glider's maiden flight is an important step towards the ultimate goal of flying at the edge of space. The aircraft could pave way for new discoveries such as those that unravel the mysteries of weather, ozone depletion and climate change.

September 24, 2015

Students Asked To Design Electric Planes Of The Future

NASA announced the winners of a contest to design an electric-powered airplane — and they're not even old enough to rent a car.

FUTURE TECH August 3, 2015

Sugarcane Used To Create Environmentally-Friendly Jet Fuel

Sugarcane can be a source of biomass for producing 'green' alternative jet fuel, researchers say. The resulting fuel burns cleaner than fossil fuel, they report.

Energy June 10, 2015

NASA Working To Improve Aircraft Efficiency By Taking On A Squishy Problem – Bug Guts

NASA and Boeing test non-stick coatings for aircraft wings. The goal is to reduce the problem of bug residue and its effect on an aircraft's drag and fuel consumption.

June 2, 2015

Alaska Airlines Baggage Handler Fell Asleep in Cargo Hold Called 911 For Help

A Menzies Aviation baggage handler frantically calls 911 when he finds himself stuck in the cargo hold of a plane already in the air and making its way to Los Angeles. The reason: he fell asleep on the job.

Internet Culture April 17, 2015

Harrison Ford Post-Plane Crash To Narrate 'Living In The Age Of Airplanes' Documentary

National Geographic Studios recently announced that actor Harrison Ford will be narrating a documentary for the company about aviation. This comes as Ford recovers from his own recent plane crash.

Movies/TV Shows March 20, 2015

NACA, What We Now Know As NASA, Was Formed 100 Years Ago Today

NACA was founded 100 years ago, paving the way for NASA. What advances did this organization make for aviation?

Space March 3, 2015

United Airlines Attendants Fired Because They Refused to Fly After Seeing 'Menacing' Graffiti

A group of 13 flight attendants said they were illegally fired by United Airlines after refusing to fly a Hong Kong-bound Boeing plane that had been scrawled by what they described as threatening words and images.

Society January 9, 2015

Hybrid-electric Airplane Goes on Test Flight. Greener Means of Air Transport Coming Soon? [Video]

Scientists in the UK have developed an environment-friendly hybrid-electric airplane. The aircraft took its test flight recently, but it will be a while before the technology becomes commercially viable.

FUTURE TECH December 30, 2014

Pavlof Volcano Eruption in Alaska Poses Danger to Airplanes

Pavlof volcano in Alaska started erupting in Wednesday last week. By Saturday, the height of the ash cloud has risen to 30,000 ft. above sea level prompting authorities to warn planes to avoid the airspace near the volcano.

Animals November 17, 2014

Amelia Earhart disappearance mystery may finally be solved as sleuths find new clue

An old Miami Herald photo hinted that a sheet of aluminum discovered in Nikumaroro island in 1991 was part of Amelia Earhart's Electra plane.

Society October 31, 2014

MH370 not yet found: Emirates chief suggests hijack as possible reason behind mysterious disappearance

Emirates Airlines head Tim Clark believes that the doomed Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 did not end up in the Indian Ocean. He said that control of MH370 may have been taken over.

Society October 11, 2014

EPA zeroes in on aircraft greenhouse emissions

Environmental Protection Agency takes first step toward regulating emission of aircraft. Move is applauded by environmental groups.

Space September 5, 2014

Bardarbunga volcano burps and burps, putting Iceland on alert

Lava fountains at Iceland volcano briefly puts aviation alert at red, the highest level. Level then reduced as amounts of ash produced said not a danger.

Animals September 3, 2014

Iceland on 'orange' alert as volcano threatens to rock island and darken skies

Earthquakes, movement of magma suggest Icelandic volcano may be getting ready to erupt, experts say. Flooding, disruption of air traffic a possibility, officials warn.

Animals August 19, 2014

Airplanes evolve just like how flying animals do: Study

According to a new study, evolution is a biological and physical phenomenon that can be predicted. Based on evolution patterns and physics, future airplanes may be predicted.

Earth/Environment July 25, 2014

SpaceX Grasshopper rocket sets new leap record

The Grasshopper prototype rocket of Elon Musk's SpaceX had a successful test launch on October 7. Its flight and successful return to its launchpad was recorded by a hexacopter drone.

Photo Gallery October 16, 2013

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