Nokia holding Windows Phone 8.1 event in April, new Lumia 930 on tap?


Nokia shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to announcing new smartphones. The company is expected to hold an April 19 event to debut new Windows Phone 8.1 hardware, possibly the Lumia 930.

At this year's Mobile World Congress, Nokia did something out of character by not announcing any new Windows Phone smartphones. Instead, the company used the show to launch its first Android-based-smartphones with the Nokia X series. The smartphones run a forked version of Android that doesn't tie into Google services, like the Play Store and Google Maps and instead will tie into Microsoft and Nokia services, similar to Amazon's Kindle Fire OS.

It appears as if Nokia and Microsoft might not have wanted to announce new Windows Phone 8.1 Lumias at Mobile World Congress and risk the possibility of being lost in all of the announcements. According to a new tweet from the always-reliable @evleaks, Nokia could be holding an event on April 19 to make up for its lack of updated Lumias at Mobile World Congress.

The tweet has since been removed, but Phone Arena posted the screenshot of the tipster's message. Current reports claim that Microsoft plans on releasing Windows Phone 8.1 as an update to all current Windows Phone 8 smartphones, possibly by the end of April. Its two biggest features will put Windows Phone 8.1 on a more level playing field with iOS and Android.

Many Windows Phone fans have been hoping Microsoft would add a single, unified notification center feature similar to Android and iOS. Windows Phone 8.1 will finally get a one-stop shop notification center and just as Apple wasn't shy about copying Android's pull down-style notification area, Microsoft will use the same inspiration for its interpretation. Another iOS and Android feature Windows Phone 8.1 will usher in is Windows Phone's answer to Siri and Google Now in the form of Cortana.

When Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8.1, Nokia is expected to launch new smartphones running the new OS. One of those rumored smartphones is the follow up to the very successful Lumia 920 in the form of the Lumia 930. The device is reportedly going by the codename "Martini" and is said to be very similar to Verizon Wireless' flagship Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia Icon.

Of course, we'll have to wait to hear the official word from Nokia about this upcoming event, so stay tuned.

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