How fitting that a new YouTube video leaves more questions unanswered than it answers questions regarding the secretive augmented reality start-up Magic Leap.

In releasing the video this weekend, Magic Leap explains that since it missed a scheduled appearance at TED to showcase its innovation, it wanted to share one of the things that Magic Leap leaders would have been discussed at the event.

The video, says Magic Leap, reflects a game that staffers are playing around the office and makes it very clear that no robots were harmed in making the video. It's simply titled: "Just another day in the office of Magic Leap."

Since its arrival in the augmented reality industry, Magic Leap has been a bit of a secret with few details leaking about its virtual and augmented reality technology. Reports note it's got decent funding, including $542 million from Google,

In the video the 'player' checks YouTube videos, checks email and then selects a game to play; grabbing what looks like a physical plastic weapon that then is used to shoot bad guys.

One media outlet notes the video game play experience, boasting 3D effects, appears to be much like Microsoft's HoloLens augmented virtual reality headset experience.

The short interactive battle then segues to logos of Magic Leap and partner Weta Workshop, which is likely behind the 3D creative reality. Weta served as the special effects team for the recent "The Hobbit," and its founder is part of Magic Leap's board.

Magic Leap describes itself as 'an idea' and one that believes "computing should be shaped and forged to work for us: our life, our physiology, our connected relationships."

Magic Leap's intermittent blog posts don't offer up much more info than its first YouTube video demo. Apparently love plays a starring role in Magic Leap's mission.

"Our whole company is based on it. It starts with a love for people in general - wanting to bring joy and a sense of magic and wonder to everyone. We try hard to find and hire individuals who bring a love of their work and craft, a deep sense of passion and drive and creative energy to every aspect of what we are developing. Love never ends - it is that deep, human part of us that allows us to connect, to experience transcendent spiritual wonder," states the blog post.

Technology, says Magic Leap in the post, "enable us to open up those parts of us we first felt as kids. Complete joy and wonder and love of others and the creatures and plants and people all around us."

In announcing its creation, the company, in a post in October 2014, relays a childhood experience of one of its leaders--the experience of diving underwater and discovering the portal to a new world.

Another post notes the company hired on sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson as 'chief futurist'

"Neal is a true visionary and the very first to conceptualize a social, virtual world in a coherent way," said Rony Abovitz, founder, president and CEO of Magic Leap. "I am looking forward to his insights as Chief Futurist for the company, helping the team and I bring Magic Leap's technology to the world."

Another blog post, speaking to Google's funding support, also reveals board of director appointments and says the money will be used to "commercialize its proprietary mobile wearable system."

The board includes Sundar Pichai, SVP of Android, Chrome and Apps at Google Inc., and Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, executive chairman of Qualcomm and Don Harrison, VP, corporate development at Google, as "observers." The start-up signed an eight-year lease for its headquarters at The Design Center of the Americas in Dania Beach, Florida.

Shown is the video Magic Leap released on YouTube:

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