The final season premiere of Mad Men airs April 5. While you may feel like crying over the end of one of the most critically acclaimed TV series in recent years, you know what would be a more appropriate way to say goodbye to Mad Men? Drinking your sorrows away, of course.

Even if you haven't seen Mad Men before, you know that when the characters of the Madison Avenue ad agency SC&P aren't working their bouffants off trying to win or save an account, they're snuggling up with some Canadian Club whisky or another adult beverage of choice. The characters drink so much on this show, it's not uncommon to feel like you're drunk by the end of each episode.

Whether they're having a liquid lunch with clients or drinking alone at a bar after a particularly tense day at the office, the characters of Mad Men are rarely seen without some type of fabulous classic cocktail in their hands. In fact, modern cocktail culture kind of exploded in the 1960s, the era Mad Men is set in, The Cocktail Club author Maureen Petrosky recently told The Associated Press.

So let's all raise a glass to the end of Mad Men by making one of these classic cocktails. It's what Don Draper would want.

1. Old Fashioned

The old fashioned is Don's drink of choice. This no-nonsense cocktail that mixes rye whisky and bitters is for those that can handle their liquor — and then some. This recipe from James Beard Award-winning cocktail writer David Wondrich over at Esquire should do the trick.

2. Bloody Mary

It's not surprising that the characters of Mad Men would have an affinity for drinking bloody marys since it is one of the few drinks that's acceptable to enjoy during the day. In the first episode of Season 7, Roger even tried to sweeten the invitation of a brunch outing with his newly hippie-fied daughter Margaret by adding that they can drink bloody marys. This tomato juice and vodka mixture is classy, but be forewarned. It comes with a kick. FoodieCrush has some tasty tips on how to take your bloody mary to the next level.

3. Tom Collins

With gin and lemon juice, a Tom Collins is simple and refreshing. A Tom Collins is also a favorite of Joan Harris, even though it's pretty much the antithesis to her larger-than-life personality, although her charm and enduring fabulousness is a breath of fresh air compared to the majority of characters on Mad Men. Here is a recipe for an elegantly easy Tom Collins from Food52.

4. Manhattan

Some say the Manhattan is dated, but I say it's a classic. And how can you not take a swig of a Manhattan in honor of this New York-set show? The Manhattan is so ubiquitous, any recipe you stumble upon on the Interwebs will suffice, but this one from Thrillist, which includes pretty step-by-step photo instructions, will have you sipping this cocktail in no time.

5. White Russian

Roger Sterling has been known to drink some white Russians, a.k.a. his "milk," as white as the hair on his little head. But don't let the coffee liquer and cream in this concoction fool you. You will most definitely taste the vodka in this drink, and that's just the way Roger likes it. Again, you can find many similar recipes for white Russians online, but this one from Martha Stewart is especially easy to follow.

6. Dirty Martini

A dirty martini definitely sounds a bit gritty, like something Don, Roger, Pete or any of the guys on Mad Men, really, would drink while out with a lady friend who isn't their wife. However, what makes a martini "dirty" is just the fact that you've added some olive juice to it. How to make a dirty martini depends on how much olive juice you want in it, but there's a recipe for a new-and-improved version of the cocktail that looks rather delish over at the New York Times.

7. Negroni

Even though Mad Men is a pretty serious show, it does have its light-hearted moments. So let's all take a load off with this flirtier, fruitier cocktail made with gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, a bitter yet sweet red liquer. This recipe from Bon Appetit will show you how to do it, and it also suggests topping it off with a bit of Prosecco in case you've really got something to celebrate.

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