Bloodborne Playing Tips: Make Boss Fights Easy By Exploiting This Bug


Bloodborne is the successor to the Souls franchise by From Software, and fans of the series would know that the titles in the franchise do not go easy on you.

The games in the series, including Bloodborne, are designed to be insanely difficult, with only the most hardcore gamers able to withstand the pressure and completely finish the games.

However, there is a bug in Bloodborne that supposedly makes the brutally difficult boss fights in the game very easy. The bug does not require intense hacking or access to a significant amount of resources. In fact, the bug requires gamers to do nothing.

Redditor Meatballz posted on the popular online forum that, for gamers to activate the easy mode in Bloodborne, they simply have to keep the title running for a long period of time of around 12 or more hours. According to comments on the thread, the bug can also be activated by suspending the game in rest mode.

Yes, that's it. Meatballz thinks that there is a "memory leak issue" in Bloodborne that reduces the moveset of the bosses after the game has been on for long periods of time.

Meatballz wondered why there was a significant number of bosses during his initial playthrough of Bloodborne that seemed to be very easy. Apparently, it was not because he was good at the game with skills that allowed him to kill bosses that other gamers have trouble with, but because he finished the entire game in just one sitting. At about the 12-hour mark, he said that the boss fights became much easier.

The Redditor said that he tested his theory by deactivating the power saving options for the PlayStation 4 to leave Bloodborne on and running throughout one night. After that, when he attempted to fight against the magic-caster Martyr Logarius, the battle was easy. Logarius, who is known for casting damaging spells, has been reduced to only swinging his scythe repeatedly, which is much easier to fight against.

Meatballz also went up to fight against the Blood-starved Beast, which uses massive jumps and multi-hit attacks. However, in the fight, the boss only repeatedly used his side swipe attack, which makes the beast much easier to kill. The Redditor also noted that Vicar Amelia does not heal herself and the One Reborn does not use its acid attack, with all the other bosses in the game showing changed behavior that made killing them easier.

For gamers that do not want to exploit the bug, the boss fights can be reset to their original difficulty by doing a full exit of the game.

Meatballz admits that a "memory leak" may not be the most accurate description of the bug, but it does what it does of making boss fights much easier.

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