Samsung Slams SquareTrade's Galaxy S6 Edge 'Bendgate' Report, Posts Own Bend Test Results And Demands Re-Test


Samsung has come out against a bend test performed on its latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S6, posting its own bend test, and saying that a phone is almost never put against that type of strain.

The video comes after another similar video published about the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, which was done after the so-called #bendgate news broke, suggesting that the iPhone would bend easily.

According to Samsung, there are two problems with the bend test that SquareTrade posted on its YouTube account. The first is that the video assumes a very specific condition. In other words, it assumes that a phone will be put under 110 pounds of pressure, which is almost never the case. According to Samsung, the phone is able to withstand up to 79 pounds of weight.

The second problem that Samsung has with the test is the fact that phones can rarely take the same amount of stress on the front and back of the device. Many smartphones, in fact, are stronger when it comes to the back of the device because of the lack of display, which is often weaker than the metal backing many smartphones have.

"For this reason being, Samsung will officially deliver our statement to SquareTrade and ask them to conduct the stress test again which targets both front and back sides, and open the test result to the public," said Samsung in a statement.

Samsung continues on to say that the Galaxy S6 will not break under normal use. Not only that, but as mentioned the company is asking SquareTrade to re-conduct the experiment. This isn't all too surprising considering the fact that the video doesn't show the device in the best of light, but the company does seem to have somewhat of a point in saying that the experiment isn't all that realistic.

Samsung has largely taken the same route as Apple did when the #bandgate "scandal" broke, refuting the idea that its phones were weak and suggesting that for any normal smartphone user the device should be able to take more than enough pressure. The company is even saying many of the same terms as Apple did, such as "under normal use" and so on.

Some, however, suggest that Samsung should have kept its mouth shut on the issue. Even if SquareTrade did redo the test and the results were better for Samsung, that would really only serve to keep the story in the news. If Samsung had kept its mouth shut on the issue, it's likely that the whole thing would have blown over in a matter of days.

The video showing Samsung's test can be found below.

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