Don't create a Steve Jobs app for iOS, because it will likely be rejected immediately by Apple. A team of developers got rejected for submitting a Steve Jobs quote app.

Steve Jobs will go down in history for his never-ending tech contributions that were done in a cool way and the man also had a way with his words that could entice you to buy something you had no idea you needed, until he presented it during an Apple event. At these events, Jobs became the ultimate demonstrator for Apple's latest iPod, iPhone, iPad, or Mac. He was well known for his speeches that were more performances, he would rehearse and manage to make millions of people wait on lines for days for many of the company's iconic products.

Many of Steve Jobs's quotes over the years have been used as inspiration for people in the tech world, show Job's insight into the future, or even be a humorous or insulting jab from the former CEO. If you're an iOS user and would be interested in an app that displays daily Steve Jobs quotes on your smartphone or tablet, forget about it. Apple is not allowing it, even though Google's Play Store is filled with similar apps.

A new report claims that an Amazon developer and his brother created an iOS app that displayed daily quotes from Apple's founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs. The brothers submitted it to Apple for approval to be offered on its App Store, but immediately got rejected because the company does not accept Steve Jobs-themed apps and suggested opening it up to use quotes from public figures rather than Jobs.

"He inspires us to not accept the status quo, to strive for wonderful things and not just acceptable things. There's a lot of good nuggets of wisdom and interesting ways of looking at the world. Some of the technology ones are fun but the best quotes are more about life.", said John Gill.

Since Apple didn't want to offer the Steve Jobs quote app, and the team knew iOS users were interested in the app, they have decided to release it as a webapp @ quothsteve.  It offers all of Steve Job's most famous quotes over the years and more.

  • Enjoy a quote from Steve Jobs every day
  • Sync favorites to all your devices
  • Share quotes you like to Twitter and Facebook
  • Flip the quote over to see more details
  • Swipe left or right to navigate between quotes
  • See quotes in list view for quicker navigation Search through quotes with lightning speed

Google does not follow Apple's rule and if you're an Android user and Steve Jobs fan, there are many apps to choose from on the Play Store. It's just another way for Apple to try and completely control what's available on its platform. The webapp is definitely worth checking out.

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