The much-anticipated Apple Watch is now currently open for pre-orders, with the device officially becoming available in two weeks on April 24. While there have been many news on the smartwatch's features, a price guide for the Apple Watch would be just what potential customers would need as they prepare to pre-order one.

Unlike other Apple devices that only have a small number of choices for customers upon purchasing them, such as the memory capacities for iPhones and screen sizes for MacBooks, the Apple Watch comes with a whopping 38 models to choose from.

The first decision that consumers will have to make is the size of the Apple Watch that they want, as each model of the smartwatch comes in a case size of either 38 millimeters or 42 millimeters. The figures measure the height of the Apple Watch's case between lugs, not including the lugs themselves as they are built into the straps of the device.

While the two sizes look identical, it has been said by Apple that the larger version usually experiences a battery life that is longer compared to the smaller version.

The Apple Watch comes in three collections, namely Sport, Watch and Edition. For the Sport and Watch models, the difference in price between the 38 millimeter version and the 42 millimeter version is only $50. Edition models, however, vary widely in terms of price.

Choosing which collection to pre-order the Apple Watch from comes next, with the three collections defined by the material that the devices are made out of. The Sport models have matte aluminum materials, the Watch models are made of stainless steel and the Edition models are made of 18-karat rose or yellow gold.

The models in each collection are further differentiated by colors. The Sport models come in either space gray or natural silver while the Watch models come in either silver or space black. However, the space black Watch model is an option only for the $1,049 38-millimeter or $1,099 42-millimeter set up. Edition models, as mentioned, are either rose gold or yellow gold.

The third and final step in pre-ordering an Apple Watch is deciding on the band for the device, with six types of bands available. Namely, the band options are the sport band, the leather loop, the classic buckle, the milanese loop, the modern buckle, and the link bracelet, ordered in ascending cost.

There are reports coming out that the gold edition Apple Watch has already sold out.

Shown is a table for all the different Apple Watch models and their corresponding prices:


Wristband type and color



Apple Watch Sport

Silver aluminum, White
Silver aluminum, Blue
Silver aluminum, Green
Silver aluminum, Pink
Black aluminum, Black



Apple Watch

Stainless Steel, White Sport
Stainless Steel, Black Sport




Stainless Steel, Classic Buckle
Stainless Steel, Milanese Loop




Stainless Steel, Black Leather Loop
Stainless Steel, Blue Leather Loop
Stainless Steel, Stone Leather Loop
Stainless Steel, Light Brown Leather Loop




Stainless Steel, Black Modern Buckle
Stainless Steel, Midnight Blue Modern Buckle
Stainless Steel, Soft Pink Modern Buckle
Stainless Steel, Brown Modern Buckle




Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Link




Stainless Steel, Space Black Stainless Steel Link



Apple Watch Edition

Rose Gold, White Sport
Yellow Gold, Black Sport




Yellow Gold, Blue Classic Buckle
Yellow Gold, Black Classic Buckle




Rose Gold, Rose Gray Modern Buckle
Yellow Gold, Bright Red Modern Buckle



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