Apple is coming under scrutiny from its most loyal fans about its April 10 Apple Watch preorder. The company has issued a response after a customer emailed Tim Cook regarding its April 24 release date and shipping times that stretch into summer.

Before the Apple Watch became official last September, it had been referred to as "iWatch" for many years by the press and Apple fans and was hailed as the company's next big hit, following in the footsteps of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. The smartwatch would also be the first new category of device released by Apple without Steve Jobs at the reign; all eyes are on Tim Cook to see if, under his leadership, he can produce a game-changing device like his predecessor.

Steve Jobs was famous for occasionally reading and responding to Apple customers who emailed the former CEO's Apple email address, and it appears as if Tim Cook is reading some customer's emails too. A MacRumors forum member took a shot and sent an email regarding the Apple Watch preorders completely selling out minutes after Apple opened them up, in-store stock on launch day and misleading April 24 launch date.

"With that said, I see the Apple Watch launch advertised as the 24th of April, which is great. When I heard that, along with many others, I looked forward to ordering it then or at least reserving it the night before to pick up at the Apple Store, similar to every other launch Apple's done.

I'm now hearing from reputable sources that "The Apple Watch will not be available on *launch* day."

The forum member goes on to say, "I think it'd be silly not to believe that there will be queues lined up around the globe on launch day if the "online exclusive" information regarding the (false) advertisement of a launch day isn't spread soon and fast.

The way I see it is, April 10th should have been marketed as the launch, it should have been carefully explained that it will be an online exclusive launch until supply can meet demand. If that were said, then what I'm hearing would make complete sense. But why go on to announce a launch day of what is essentially just a delivery day for preorders."

While Tim Cook didn't respond to the email, it appears that he certainly read it. The customer received a call from an Apple executive involved in the Apple Watch launch. He was told that Apple is having discussions regarding in-store stock on launch day and the advertised April 24 launch date are being looked at with "great concern."

The Apple executive also claimed that Apple Watch preorders with a June date would most likely ship sooner and is the reason why Apple extended ship dates, as it did not want to disappoint customers through false guarantees.

Did you preorder an Apple Watch, and what's your expected ship window? Let us know in the comments below.

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