While Apple isn't giving any figure out just yet on the preorder rush for its first-ever wearable, one research firm estimates there are already 1 million preorders for the Watch since it went on sale on April 10.

The most popular Watch version of the three available is the Sport, according to data from Slice Intelligence. The Sport is the lowest-priced Watch option, starting at about $350. The second mid-tier wearable device starts at about $550 and the high-end Watch Edition starts at $10,000 and tops out at $17,000.

The preorder launch last Friday was a bit subdued compared to past Apple product launches since consumers were required to make an appointment at Apple stores in order to see the wearable, try it on and place an order through an Apple customer service representative.

Online orders are also being taken. Consumers will not have the Watch, however, until at least June. Apple is already facing potential backlogs and low production activity, resulting in fewer available devices for the next few months.

According to Slice Intelligence's e-receipt activity, there were just a little over 9,000 online buyers. Of the people who placed preorders, 62 percent of shoppers are opting for the Sport wrist device, and average spend on the wearable is $503.83. Pricing can vary based on the dozens of band options that Watch consumers can choose from.

The spend data reveals that many shoppers are looking to spend more on a higher priced Watch case than on a wristband, with a third opting for the least expensive Sport band in black or white. Black, however, is the top band choice.

The early buying wave also shows that the most popular case being chosen is the Space Gray aluminum, which has been bought by 40 percent of consumers so far, with the stainless steel coming in second place. Just 3 percent of Watch buyers are opting for the Space Black stainless steel case.

The research firm's data also offers insight on the buyers and their loyalty to the Apple product portfolio. Of those preordering a Watch, 72 percent have bought an Apple device in the past two years and 21 percent grabbed the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus smartphone just within the past few months.

The Watch data only pertains to U.S. consumer activity.

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