Game Of Thrones Baby Names Anyone? Arya, Khaleesi And Other Names Showing Up On Birth Records


Game of Thrones has grown in popularity over the years - so much so that it has become part of American mainstream culture. From its gripping story to its colorful characters, the novel-turned-TV series provides an excellent glimpse into George R. R. Martin's epic world of Westeros.

There is no wonder why more and more people are trying to incorporate elements of the story into their personal lives, from Game of Thrones-themed weddings to actually naming their babies after the characters.

According to data collected through MooseRoots, a newly developed genealogy research engine, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of babies being named after characters from Game of Thrones since the series started in 2011. Here are some of the most popular:


The number of babies named Arya has increased from 273 babies in 2010, to 387 babies in 2011, to 1,315 babies in 2013. This can be taken as a reflection of Arya's growing popularity among fans because the character is known for being fierce and for breaking traditional notions of female identity.

Bran or Brandon

The name Bran, shorthand for Brandon, was quite popular in the era of the 70s, long before the story of Game of Thrones began, but its popularity waned by 2011. The name has garnered a bit of attention, however, with 11 babies being registered as Bran in 2013. While reports claim Bran Stark will not be in season 5 of GoT, he remains well known for his prophetic abilities.


Khaleesi is not really a person's name but rather a title equivalent to a queen, but it has been used to name more than a few babies whose parents perhaps have regal ambitions for them. From 28 baby Khaleesis in 2011, the number has increased to 213 in 2013.


There were only six babies with the name of Theon registered in 2010, but after the debut of Game of Thrones, the name has slightly grown in popularity. In 2013, there were 15 babies given the name. Theon Greyjoy in the story has a name that is somewhat of an oxymoron. It ominously matches his grim fate, however, as a prisoner at the hands of Ramsay Snow, who renames the once princely Theon the insulting "Reek" to signify the stench of his flesh.


Sansa's name was not a common choice for a baby until 2013 when 11 babies were named after her. The tumultuous life of Sansa Stark in the story has led her to take on the pseudonym of "Alayne" and take refuge under Lord Petyr in order to avoid being captured by her enemies.


Tyrion is arguably one of the most interesting characters in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, appearing in four of Martin's novels. The character has also enjoyed a rise in popularity in past years thanks to the critically acclaimed portrayal by Peter Dinklage in the HBO serial. The 43 babies named after him in 2013 can be considered an honored bunch.


Daenerys, the Khaleesi herself, rivals Tyrion both in the stories and in name popularity. The data from MooseRoots reveal that, since 2011, the number of babies named Daenerys has increased from 21 in 2012 to 67 in 2013, with Texas, New York, and New Jersey as the states where the name is most popular.

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