Tinder Now Shows Your Instagram Profile


Tinder has become the world's most popular dating app, allowing users to swipe through millions of Facebook profile pics before choosing a potential date. Users will now be able to do even more ogling of pictures as the app is integrating with Instagram.

Instead of being limited to Facebook profile shots, Tinder users can now display up to 34 Instagram pictures on their accounts to try and attract a date.

Connecting your Instagram account to Tinder immediately displays 34 of your most recent photos and lets users click on your full profile. If you have a private Instagram profile you can open that up exclusively to Tinder users.

Tinder reduces the dating decision to an instant yes or no, showing you photos of potential love matches and allowing you to swipe right if you like them or swipe left to consign them to oblivion. If the object of your affections also swipes right, you can chat via instant message in the app. Images and shared interests are pulled from your Facebook account.

The new update also includes a new "common connections" feature which shows how connected the two potential suitors are on Facebook. It allows users find out if they have a common friend and is probably designed to help you avoid dating your ex's friends. All your Facebook interests also now show up in your Tinder profile.

According to Sean Rad, Tinder president, a "substantial number" of Tinder users already listed their Instagram username on their profiles so integrating the Facebook-owned app was a no-brainer.

"We're listening to our users, our vision," said Rad. "Everyone is on Tinder. The cool kids are on Tinder, so if you really want to unseat Tinder, you need to do something 10 steps better and I'll welcome that."

The new updates are available in the free version of Tinder, but the company also recently launched a paid version called Tinder Plus. For a monthly fee (ranging from $2.99 to $19.99, depending on your age and location) users can block ads, get access to unlimited swipes and also rewind swipes - go back to a previous picture if you swiped them away accidentally.

The Instagram upgrade may assuage some users who aren't happy that they now have to pay to get access to unlimited swipes. It'll also have the happy side effect for Facebook of millions of twenty-somethings rushing to update their last 34 Instagram photos. You can check out the new features in the video below.

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