Go Earth. It's your birthday.

OK, so it's technically not Earth's birthday. That's supposedly on Oct. 23, in case you were wondering. But Wednesday is Earth Day, which is the next best thing.

That's right. This Wednesday is all about the Earth, so, as many comedians have said before me, take that, other planets! Do you have a whole day where people bow down and express their undying love for you? I don't think so.

But all kidding aside, it's a good thing we have Earth Day because our planet is in dire straits. It's no secret that we are slowly destroying the planet with our continued industrialization, carbon emissions and deforestation. So Earth Day is a huge reminder that the Earth is to be cherished, not taken for granted.

There are plenty of ways for you to celebrate Earth Day this year. There are celebrations, events and volunteer opportunities organized around the country and even the world for you to take part in and do Earth Day right.

But once you've done your best to help save the world, you deserve a reward. Retailers often offer special promotions in honor of holidays, both official and unofficial ones. These include special sales, deals and freebies.

Earth Day is no different. You'll find discounts and giveaways at many retailers across the country and online in honor of the eco-friendly holiday, some of which will actually benefit the earth in addition to being friendly toward your wallet. Here are the six best Earth Day deals you'll want to take advantage of this year.

1. Amazon

What better way to unwind from a long day of making the world a better place than curling up with a good movie? Amazon is offering a selection of films and TV shows on Blu-ray and DVD for up to 50 percent off. Some of the offerings include Al Gore's 2010 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, the acclaimed nature documentary series Planet Earth and Season 3 of Weeds, which seems to be offered because of its green packaging more so than its subject matter.

2. Wegmans

Wegmans has teamed up with the Nature Conservancy again this year to inspire its customers to use reusable bags to carry their groceries instead of paper or plastic ones. During the month of April, for every pound of paper and plastic bags saved compared to April 2014, the grocery store chain will donate 25 cents to the world's leading conservation organization. So if you shop at Wegmans, be sure to use those reusable bags on Earth Day and beyond.


Stop in to EVOS on Earth Day, and you'll get a free organic milkshake at your local restaurant. Earth Day has never been this sweet.

4. Kiehl's

Kiehl's is going all out for Earth Day this year. The skincare company is giving 100 percent of the net profits from the sale of its Limited Edition Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado to Recycle Across America to make labels for recycling bins in the country's schools. You can also bring in any empty skincare bottle into your local Kiehl's store from April 22 to April 26, and you will receive five "Recycle & Be Rewarded Stamps" plus a free deluxe sample. Take part in this Earth Day promotion, and you'll be looking good and feeling great.

5. Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee knows that there's nothing better than a free cup of joe, so it is offering unlimited coffee to anyone that has purchased a 2015 Earth Month Tumbler, not just on Earth Day but during all of April. If you buy your tumbler now, you've still got a few days left to take advantage of this bold promotion.

6. Anthropologie

If you haven't figured out your Earth Day plans yet, you might want to check out your local Anthropologie to celebrate in style. The clothing chain is offering free rainforest crafts for kids this week. Check out the Anthropologie nearest you to find out when your event will be held.

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