Maybe you've heard of manscaping - shaving, waxing, grooming extraneous hair - but did you know maintaining the eyebrows is becoming popular amongst men?

"I've been doing brows for 18 years and even 5 or 6 years ago, men would only come to have their brows groomed after hours or if dragged in by their fiancée before the wedding," says Ramy Gafni. "Today, men make up nearly 50 percent of my clientele. There is no stigma anymore about having your brows groomed. Men will be sitting next to women in my waiting area and there is no shame in the game anymore."

Gafni tells us that "a man's brows should look groomed, but not obviously so, and still masculine," and he follows a more subtle approach when shaping then he would practice on a woman. We asked for his do's and don'ts when we spoke to him:

Don't go overboard, as overly done looking brows are a definite no-no. "The number one concern men have is that they don't want their brows to look obviously groomed."

Do opt for a subtle, less-is-more approach. "I keep their brows less arched, more natural and leave a couple of appropriate strays so that they never look overdone."

Verdict: "Most guys tell me that no one noticed that they had their brows done, but ask if they had a haircut or lost weight. That's why they return to keep up their brows."

As for that trademark? Gafni says he's referred to men's brow grooming as Guybrows for many years, including a 2011 quote in an article in the New York Times that led to appearing in the Wall Street Journal, Details and Esquire magazines. "So I decided to trademark the term and actually got the trademark!"

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