Settle in, gamers. It's going to be a long week.

Everyone knows that not every week of the year can host a big blockbuster release - it'd be impossible for gamers to keep up with that sort of pace. As such, there are points throughout the year that are pretty devoid of releases - and the spring months are typically the best example of this.

Unfortunately, it seems as if this is going to be one of those weeks.

That being said, a slow week doesn't necessarily mean a bad week. There may not be a Mortal Kombat X or Batman: Arkham Knight to look forward to, but don't worry - there are definitely a few games worth picking up this week:

Slow Down, Bull

Release Date: April 20
Platform: PC

As an experiment, it makes sense that Slow Down, Bull is something radically different for Insomniac Games. The studio is most well-known for the Ratchet and Clank series, but their latest title is unlike anything they've ever done before: it's not a platformer, it's not triple-A game and it's not on a console. Then again, just because it's different doesn't mean it isn't worth taking a look at.

Shovel Knight

Release Date: April 21
Platform: PS3, PS4, PS Vita

Shovel Knight was one of the best games of 2014 - unfortunately, it only saw release on a few select platforms. Thankfully, that's about to change: Shovel Knight is finally coming to all of Sony's machines, and anyone who misses the Golden Age of platforming needs to pick it up. It's a fantastic game, and a bonus fight against Kratos himself certainly sweetens the deal.


Release Date: April 22
Platform: Xbox One

Xbox One owners don't have much to go on this week, but anyone with a love for puzzle games should definitely check Kalimba out. This isn't just some Sudoku retread, either: players control two separate characters at the same time while trying to navigate from one insane level to the next...and things only get weirder when a second player joins.

Mario Kart DS

Release Date: April 23
Platform: Wii U

Mario Kart DS was one of the first great games for the original DS handheld, and it's finally coming to consoles. It is a bit strange that Nintendo nixed the multiplayer completely, which is the sole reason a lot of people play the game at all. Either way, Mario Kart DS is one of the best kart racers that Nintendo ever released - who wouldn't want to take it for a spin again?

Dungeons 2

Release Date: April 24
Platform: PC

There's something enticing about playing the bad guy, and that's exactly the sort of itch that Dungeons 2 is going to scratch. It's all about building up your lair, raising and training a group of heroes, and then ransacking a tiny medieval village - what's not to love?

Watch Quest! Heroes of Time

Release Date: April 25
Platform: Apple Watch

It was only a matter of time before the Apple Watch got some exclusive games, and Watch Quest! Heroes of Time is likely the first of many. Just make sure your iPhone is charged before you play the game: you'll need the phone to choose a hero and their equipment before entering the game's puzzles on the watch itself.

Sure, it's a slow week - but that just means you'll have that much more time to play whatever games you buy!

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