A new report claims Apple is preparing to release a new version of Apple TV that will use a new interface and include a "Game Store".

There are two hot topics when it comes to unannounced Apple products rumored to be released this year. Apple is expected to take on smartwatches and fitness bands with its wearable iWatch. The company is also expected to make its television presence reinforced by releasing a updated Apple TV that runs iOS and will reportedly be the first Apple TV to include an app store.

9to5mac is reporting that it has received information from reliable sources that Apple's next-generation Apple TV are "well into testing" and will most likely come in the form of a similar set-top box design as its processor and not an actual Apple television. The site is reporting that the new Apple TV will run a revamped operating system based on iOS. The site is confirming recently leaked information claiming Apple was readying a software update for Apple TV owners that will add new content to the device and also claim there will be an "App Store" or "Game Store" introduced as well.

In recent weeks Apple has released new apps and channels for Apple TV, like an iTunes Festival channel to watch all of the featured performers and an update that added the ability to re-arrange icons by using iOS' very familiar tap and hold to wiggle feature.

Apple has stepped up development on Apple TV and recently confirmed that it could not call the device a hobby anymore, since it generated over $1 billion in revenue in 2013. The company has a strong lead with set-top connected boxes but is facing more competition from rivals like Roku, and Google, and Amazon is expected to join the party as early as next month with its own set-top box.

There's no specific release date listed besides a "stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks." The most recent rumored date was late spring but don't be surprised if we see a possible announcement at Apple's WWDC scheduled for June. We'll keep you updated on Apple TV news as it happens.

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