Samsung has unveiled in a new video the three key features of the Galaxy S6 that the company believes will make its latest flagship outshine the competition.

The clip highlights the handset's charging options and ways to save battery life. These features are otherwise known as fast charging, wireless charging and ultra power saving mode.

The fast charging feature is essential for those who need to keep going and seem to be running short on time. With this capability, users can charge the S6's battery in just 10 minutes, which is enough to keep the device powered for the next four hours.

The wireless charging feature, on the other hand, can be accessed with the help of a wireless charging pad that is sold separately. The Galaxy S6 is designed with a built-in wireless charging system that is compatible with two main wireless charging standards, namely PMA and WPC. There are no additional covers or accessories needed.

The third feature is the device's ultra power saving mode. This can come in handy when the user feels that there is a need to conserve power. It promises to deliver longer device usage with basic functions under minimal battery capacity.

The video also shows a charging method that uses a battery pack specially designed for users who may be away from home for longer periods of time. It may also be a good option for those who want to have more charging channels for their device.

"I am basically a thing of beauty. You can just call me the smartphone of your dreams. I'm cool with that," brags the Samsung Galaxy S6 persona in the video below.

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