After a long awaited reveal, we finally have an idea of what to expect from EA's upcoming Star Wars Battlefront reboot. Heroes are making a comeback, the game can be played in first and third person, and it will support up to 40 players in a match at once.

Some fans, however, are worried about EA's future plans for the game. Specifically, they are worried how EA will handle DLC in light of news that the game (so far) only has a handful of planets for players to battle on and seems to be lacking some of the features previous Battlefront titles possessed.

Though the game's first piece of DLC will be free and tie-in to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, many aren't convinced that developer DICE isn't in some way "holding back" the game so that EA can make more money by selling DLC after the title's release.

That isn't the case, says one Battlefront developer on Reddit, in response to a thread on the subject. Under the name DICE_TheBikingViking, DICE producer Jesper Nielsen took to the front page of the Internet to address fan concerns.

"Please don't make me break what I can and cannot say, but if you think there's anything we're not including in the game to save it for DLC, I can tell you you're 100 percent wrong," DICE_TheBikingViking writes. "In this project, I've never heard anyone say 'Let's not do this for launch so we can do it as DLC instead'. Ever."

On the subject of the number of maps the game will ship with, DICE_TheBikingViking insisted it will be more than the numbers currently floating around the web.

"Also, please stop with the reduced number of maps. We have more than 8 maps," he wrote. "How many have not been announced yet, but it's more than 8."

But that isn't to say Battlefront won't have DLC. In this modern age of gaming, additional map backs, XP boosts and weapon skins have become the gold standard when it comes to monetizing a game after its initial release. That does not mean, however, DICE is intentionally cutting game features to sell it with a $9.99 price tag later.

"I didn't say there would or wouldn't be DLC," he writes. "I'm just saying that we are not saying 'hey, let's not do X and Y, even though we have the time/money/etc., so we can instead put it in DLC and make more money.'"

Star Wars Battlefront will release on Nov. 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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