Cree Outs Wavemax Technology And This Is How Office Lights Should Look Like


Cree has introduced its patented WaveMax technology, which the company states is an optical breakthrough that will enable next-generation lighting experiences in the office.

The North Carolina-based company revealed that the WaveMax technology will first be used in the company's LN Series of LED lighting fixtures.

The LN Series fixtures are designed to maximize the output of light while at the same time reducing glare through the distribution of light across very thin acrylic panels, which are set at an angle for optimum directionality.

With optimum fixtures, the company is looking to give customers more control over the placement of the lights, along with using less fixtures to light up an office compared to the past.

Cree also claims that the technology will allow for better efficacy at decreased color temperatures. Previously, aims to reduce the bluish and hot tones of fluorescent bulbs came at the expense of light output. However, Cree claims that the LN Series will feature a whiter color compared to fluorescent lighting while keeping light output at the required levels for an office.

Cree believes that the efficiency and light quality provided by its LN Series will allow for more offices across the United States to adopt LED technology. Cree is a known brand in residential LED lighting.

The LN Series also aims to advance the SmartCast lighting control platform of Cree, which it launched last year. The platform utilizes motion sensors and ambient light sensors that are embedded into each lighting fixture, which allows the lights to automatically turn on and off or adjust its output according to the presence of people and the amount of daylight, which will aid in boosting the energy efficiency of lighting.

In addition to all the technological advancements featured in Cree's LN Series, another thing being touted regarding the new lighting fixtures are their aesthetics, as they look much better compared to the traditional lighting fixtures currently being used in offices. According to Cree, the usage of WaveMax technology will open the door for innovations in designs, such as with the IG Series that was announced with the LN Series.

The IG Series, as opposed to the LN Series, is designed for exterior use. The IG Series fixtures reflect light over four vertical panels with the same technology seen in the LN Series.

"Cree continues to prove that long-lasting LED technology can do infinitely more than save energy and maintenance costs - it's the smarter choice for our bottom line, tenants and buyers experience," said CMC Group VP of technology, Steve Maranos.

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