Jessica Alba is proving that movie stars can be corporate warriors who aren't afraid to make an employee cry.

In a recent interview, Alba talks about her new career path, her strategy in launching her e-commerce business in 2011, and how she is not about to give up on using office plant décor that requires a gardener to keep them alive.

On that latter point, she clearly isn't going to back down even when her CFO questions whether such expenditures are needed. She acknowledges she has been more than a bit of a tough boss since forming her business venture.

"Sometimes, I'm a little more iron fist than velvet glove. I'm straight to the point. I've made people cry," she said.

The 34-year-old mother of two, however, admits she is now working on her softer side as she maneuvers her way through the corporate world as CEO of The Honest Company, maker of eco-friendly products.

"I have to say, 'This isn't personal. This is what needs to get done, and it's just as simple as that. And ... we're not crying anymore," she remarked during an interview.

Running a business is a challenge, she admits, but one she's completely embracing for several reasons. One is personal fulfillment and another is to break down walls that remain within the corporate environment.

"I didn't want to wake up and kick myself for not pursuing something I believed in," said the Sin City actor. "I couldn't wait to reject the status quo, punch it in the face and kick it to the curb."

In her view, the world of Hollywood and the world of business couldn't be further apart. The world of business is much harder, in her opinion.

"Being an actress is like a vacation," Alba said. "Business is relentless. People work hard here. It's nice to be around people who are so committed."

She is likely not destined to stand before a camera anytime soon, preferring to be at the head of the boardroom at this point. Acting was one of angst and she's very happy to eliminate that from her life.

"I was kind of unsatisfied and angsty. It's nice shedding the angst," she admitted.

Shredding that angst has led to success. The Honest Company kicked off with 17 products four years ago and sold $10 million that first year. Now, there are 117 products and a company valuation of nearly $1 billion.

Apparently, kicking the butt of the corporate status quo and leaving angst behind are winning strategies for Alba, who also admits that balancing work and life is no easy feat. While she's learning to "tone herself down," it definitely doesn't mean she's pulling back as a corporate warrior.

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