DC's Convergence #4 Review: Journey To The Center Of The Earth


To call DC's Convergence event a mixed bag is an understatement. While many of the various tie-in comics have been a fun read for longtime fans of the DC multiverse, the core Convergence story has been all over the place.

But there is some good news. After the train-wreck that was issue #3 and the massive disappointment that was issue #2, Convergence #4 is decent. Not good. Not bad. It just kind

Which isn't exactly high praise for DC's big summer event, but it's a step up from what we've seen so far. The heroes of Earth-2 continue their journey to the center of Telos, which is actually the savage, dinosaur and barbarian filled land of Skartaris, guided by the wizard Deimos.

Deimos is searching for the Time Masters, who he says is the key to defeating Telos. He also talks about killing people a lot, which you would think might tip off the Earth-2 heroes that this guy is up to no good, but I digress. In case the cover for this issue doesn't make it obvious enough, SPOILER ALERT, Deimos is a bad guy.

The events surrounding the Time Masters and Skartaris make up the majority of the action this issue, as Superman, Flash and Green Lantern battle with the soldiers of the the Warlord in an attempt to reach the Time Masters.

It's not terribly captivating, though this issue's final few pages do show that there is hope for this series yet. Finally, it feels like something substantial might happen.

Outside of Skartaris, Convergence #4 focuses on Dick Grayson and Telos, who seem to be forming some kind of relationship.

Their conversations are far more interesting than any forced battle on dinosaur planet. Last issue Thomas Wayne sacrificed his life to save Dick from a team of Batman's enemies. Surprisingly, Telos is not without sympathy. We learn a little more about Telos' origins and how he views this battle world he created. To him it isn't cruel. Instead, it's a second chance for all involved. While it's unfortunate that only one world can survive and fuse with the planet Telos, there is no other way. The strong outlive the weak. That is the truth of life. Or so Telos believes.

It's interesting then that Telos seems compelled to help Dick Grayson. He suffered a near fatal injury last issue (a shot to the spine) that crippled the hero, yet Telos mends him with his powers. You can tell Telos isn't pure evil, which is precisely why Dick attempts to convince Telos of the error of his ways.

How the relationship between Braniac's servant and Batman's protegee will play out in issues to come is one of the few threads from this core event series that has potential. With a big cliffhanger and some interesting character relationships finally forming, Convergence is at long last gathering steam. Let's just hope it isn't simply all hot air.







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