Tarah Gunderlock, a Type I diabetic woman, cannot be thankful enough when she was saved by her small 5-year-old kid after going into diabetic shock earlier this week. Aydhun Byars, Gunderlock's son, immediately called 911 after he found his mother suffering a medical emergency with no other grown up in the house to assist them.

The smart little child, born with clubbed feet and hands, has arthropyosis and cannot grip or throw objects like normal kids. Aydhun already went through multiple surgeries in his five years and has been improvising ever since. His grandmother has trained him on how to make emergency calls. And he remembered it well.

At about 5 p.m. Monday, Aydhun realized his mother was not responding the normal way and was in a near-unconscious state and so he calmly asks for help by contacting 911. He told the very patient 911 lady operator that he does not know what is happening to his mother and that she is incoherent. He described her as sleeping and can open her eyes, but she never answers. Aydhun also mentioned that there is nobody else in their house at the time and that his father will not be back until Friday.

The 911 dispatcher tried to get Aydhun's location, but the kid was unable to provide an exact address so she traced the communication and requested for a group of paramedics to check Aydhun's diabetic mother. Tarah has type I diabetes, meaning her pancreas creates little or no insulin, the hormone that breaks down sugars and permits them to go into cells for energy.

The paramedic team reached Tarah's house and confirmed that she had gone into diabetic shock. They quickly administered treatment and Tarah was immediately revived. Tarah did mention that if the medical team did not arrive on time, she is close to having seizures and that scared Aydhun.

The kid admitted that during the entire experience, he was a bit scared, but his superpower, his love for his mother, overcame it all. He is indeed very superhero like, most especially since he has a medical disability himself and things like dialing was not easy, but that did not keep him from saving his mother.

The whole 911 conversation has been recorded and was uploaded by KMGH News on to their SoundCloud stream. This audio clip has been just about 10 minutes, but it is very inspiring. You will be amazed at how Aydhun handles the emergency situation.

Photo: Melissa Wiese | Flickr

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