When HTC said that the original HTC One Mini was not getting the Lollipop update, it created little surprise among users. The device was originally announced back in July 2013.

However, the same is not the case for the latest One Mini 2, which is barely a year old and is part of the One lineup reserved for HTC's flagship devices.

It should be noted that a year ago, HTC promised its customers that all of their devices that fall under the One moniker would be getting updates for a minimum period of two years.

"When you buy the best it should stay that way. Step up to the HTC One, HTC One max, or HTC One mini and enjoy these benefits. Want the latest Android update? We are committed to keeping you current," said HTC on an HTC Advantage ad. "Keep Your HTC One, HTC One mini or HTC One max up to date with the major Android updates for 2 years from the launch date of your HTC device."

It's not yet clear why HTC is making the owners of the One Mini 2 feel abandoned by not fulfilling its promise to bring the Lollipop update to their devices. No solid explanation has been revealed. Instead, the company stated that bringing the update would not result in getting an optimal experience.

"@Snehal_Salsabil The HTC One Mini and HTC One Mini 2 will not be receiving the Lollipop update due to non-optimal performance," said HTC in a tweet.

During the last week of April, HTC tweeted that they were currently rolling out the update on a global scale.

"@DZivzivadze We're rolling out the update internationally right now, but not all devices will receive it simultaneously."

Other devices that are expected to receive the update within the March and April timeframe include the HTC Desire 816, HTC One Max and HTC Butterfly S.

Owners of the HTC One Mini 2 who feel a bit disappointed with the announcement can opt to manually update their devices. The One Mini 2 is said to be supported by CyanogenMod and runs on CM12. Cyanogen has just released the CM12.1 series that has all the nice features of the Android 5.1 Lollipop update.

Photo: Karlis Dambrans I Flickr

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