Recreating Grand Theft Auto V in real life? That's not so difficult to shoot on film. But recreating GTA II? That's a challenge on an entirely different level; a challenge that has now been gladly accepted.

In case you don't know, once upon a time Grand Theft Auto wasn't the vast, fully-realized virtual playground we all know and love. It used to be a top-down 2D game that bears little resemblance to what we usually think of when somebody says GTA.

That's exactly what makes this video so darn impressive. Anybody can follow a guy with a camera as he commits fake crimes and carjackings, as one would need to do to recreate GTA V in the real world. That stuff happens in every crime film! Recreating GTA II requires an entirely different approach, namely a drone, a camera attached to said drone and a skilled drone pilot to capture it all.

The folks behind the vojta paul YouTube channel can go ahead and pat themselves on the back then, because they just recreated GTA II perfectly. From the sound effects to the HUD to the way the actors walk around the environment, this real life GTA II is the spitting image of its old PlayStation counterpart.

It's so good you could mistake it for the actual game is seen from distance. If vojta paul just slightly pixelated the entire video, it would be a near spitting image.

Most fans of the series have probably never gotten around to playing the original GTA or GTA II. They are, after all, archaic compared to their full 3D counterparts. It's still nice to see some people remember what the series used to be like way back when, even as we all obsesses over the crazy mods making their way to the latest and greatest version of GTA V.

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