The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost computer that is just about as big as a credit card which can be plugged into a TV or computer monitor and also uses the standard mouse and keyboard. The computer allows users of all ages to explore their coding capabilities as they learn how to program using languages such as Python and Scratch.

The Raspberry Pi, which is able to do practically everything that a desktop computer can, has been used for activities such as browsing the Internet and playing games. There is more to the computer than functioning as a small desktop computer though, and these ideas could give Raspberry Pi users inspiration for their next projects.

The Pi Phone

Users can replace their aging mobile phones with one that combines the Raspberry Pi, a touchscreen, a battery and a GSM module. While not exactly a smartphone, the Pi Phone created by Dave Hunt costs only $158 and showcases the versatility of the Raspberry Pi.

Pi in the Sky

By connecting the computer to a camera module, a radio module and a GPS module, the Raspberry Pi can become a literal "Pi in the Sky" once it is attached to a weather balloon. The contraption will be able to film its journey as it travels upward as high as the weather balloon takes it. Through the radio and GPS modules, the user will be able to track the device's progress, and if it survives the landing upon the weather balloon bursting, the user could also track its location to retrieve it.


Savvy coders that just happen to be interested or are already brewing their own beer can take their homebrews to the next level with the Raspberry Pi. BrewPi began as a relatively simple project that looked to maintain the temperature of a fridge at the perfect one for fermentation, but it has now grown into a system that controls several aspects of the beer brewing process through the usage of different connections and sensors.

Handheld gaming console

Because of the small size of the Raspberry Pi, the computer can be fitted into the housing of handheld gaming consoles such as Game Boy cases with certain adjustments. Emulators can then be run on the Raspberry Pi, which means that gamers would be able to play all their favorites, even those from other gaming consoles, on their old Game Boy. Adding extra buttons or leaving the computer's HDMI port accessible can also allow the device to be connected to a TV, turning it into a retro gaming console.

Thermal printer

The Raspberry Pi can be converted into a simple thermal printer, which could serve as a fantastic starter project for Raspberry Pi owners. The printer can be set up to connect to the Internet to print from different sources, and there is no need for ink. The project can be purchased as a complete kit from Adafruit.


The beetbox is not a misspelled project name, as it is a musical instrument that uses vegetables. Developed by Scott Garner, the Beetbox combines the Raspberry Pi, touch-capacitive speakers and an amplifier to create a device that uses vegetables as a music pad and drum.

PiRate Radio

The Raspberry Pi is capable of sending out signals across FM airwaves, which means that the computer is a great starting point for users that want to launch their own radio station. Using wire cutters and a soldering iron, along with an FM radio, the Raspberry Pi can be transformed into an FM transmitter.

Kodi Media Center

The Raspberry Pi can be used as a home media server, with the computer's low power consumption and small size making it an ideal one to power such a server. The Kodi media center, an open source software, can be loaded onto the Raspberry Pi.

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