A New York family kept a baseball bat in their home for 30 years, using it as protection against possible intruders. Little did they know — they were sitting on a fortune.

According to TMZ Sports, a New York family had a game-used Lou Gehrig bat in their home for 30 years, not knowing it belonged to the Hall of Fame first baseman. The family reportedly received the bat as a gift from a former New York Yankees groundskeeper, and – thinking it was just a regular bat – kept it behind their front door to use in case of a home invasion.

Someone finally realized the bat could be worth something and got it examined. Turns out it's a game-used Gehrig bat from the 1929 through 1931 seasons — and one of few Gehrig bats known to exist today.

Let's take a look at it.

And a closer look of the logo...

It's a beautiful bat, one that TMZ Sports says will be equipped with an opening bid of $20,000 when it hits the auction block via Love of the Game Auctions this July. Forbes estimates that the lumber could easily fetch $100,000.

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