Will Wright has created some of the most played games ever, including the likes of Sims and Sim City, both of which have enjoyed multiple game releases and extended success.

Will Wright, however, is not done working on projects, and recently unveiled a new app called Thred, which is essentially an app that allows users to send pictures and "multi-image stories" to their friends.

"Thred is a direct evolution of my interests in crowdsourcing, online communities, and tools that amplify the imagination," said Wright in a statement. "In recent years, I've been drawn more and more to new entertainment forms - ones that lead the user to become more engaged with the world around them, rather than withdrawn from it."

In creating a Thred, users can search the web for images, go through their camera roll to find images, and even take new photos. Users are also able to share their location to show where they are, which could give Threds more context. Not only that, but users can add stickers, frames and filters to spice up Threds, and add hashtags and tag people before sharing.

Within in the app, users are also able to view a feed which shows Threds that their friends are sharing.

Threds are, according to Wright, essentially one part comic strip and one part photo gallery, with these two parts together telling a story.

"One of the fundamental ideas behind Thred is a better way to create and consume content for mobile," added Wright. "We provide quick and easy access to the sea of personal and global data we swim through every day as building blocks for the creative process."

It is currently unknown if Thred will really take off or not. The platform seems to really offer a new way for users to create and share experiences with their friends. However, as with any other social app it will require mass adoption before it gets really interesting. Without having social interactions on the app, it really won't be as interesting for users. One hurdle that it will have to face in its adoption rate is releasing an app for Android, as currently Thred is only available on iOS.

Despite this, those that have been able to experiment with the app say that while the community behind it is still a little small, it is also positive and creative.

Another important thing to remember is that this is somewhat of a new venture for Wright. While he has certainly enjoyed success with other "social" games, this is really the first time he has ventured into true social media.

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