For the past few years, WWE's Elimination Chamber served as the last big event before WrestleMania. It was where the stories that would come to define the show of shows started, and it was the catalyst for many a Superstar's WrestleMania role. On top of all that, it was absolutely brutal: it was like a steel cage on steroids, with six very angry men locked inside. The Elimination Chamber was like an early spring version of Hell in a Cell - just with more people.

Unfortunately, earlier this year, the WWE announced that Elimination Chamber would no longer be the annual February pay-per-view. While fans were obviously upset, it's not as if the company didn't have a reason: the Chamber itself weighs roughly 10 tons, and suspending such a structure from the ceiling of an arena isn't easy. Newer arenas don't even have the proper support structure for it, making the show impossible at a number of locations. Yes, the Elimination Chamber is awesome, but it's not easy to pull off.

However, that doesn't mean the Elimination Chamber is gone forever: last night on Monday Night Raw, WWE announced that the Chamber is back - as a WWE Network exclusive.

Yes, the Elimination Chamber is coming back on May 31, and will only be shown on the WWE Network. That means no pay-per-view options: you won't be able to get the show through your cable provider, no matter how hard you try. For those who can't access the Network, don't worry: WWE Payback is still scheduled as a traditional PPV, so it's not as if you'll miss out on all of WWE's May events.

That being said, the WWE Network is free for new subscribers in May - meaning that you'll be able to watch both WWE Payback and the Elimination Chamber for free within two weeks of each other. That's an absolutely insane schedule...let's hope the Superstars can handle it.

The WWE has been trying to draw subscribers back to the WWE Network, and using the Elimination Chamber as bait is a great idea. Sure, it might be a pain for some people to watch, but it's better than losing the Chamber forever, right? If you want to sign up for the WWE Network, head on over to the official site.

The Elimination Chamber is set to return to the WWE Network on May 31 - before that, WWE Payback comes to PPV this Sunday, May 17.

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