Leave it to J.R. Smith to speak his mind all the time.

LeBron James splashed in a game-winning three-pointer to knot the Cleveland Cavaliers-Chicago Bulls playoff series at two games apiece. A day later, J.R. Smith apparently sat back to watch the Washington Wizards-Atlanta Hawks Game 4 of the other Eastern Conference semifinal playoff series.

Although the game was a good one – resulting in a Hawks 106-101 victory over the Wizards to tie their series at 2-2 – J.R. couldn't get over John Wall's suit. He just couldn't do it.

Now, here's the suit that the injured Wall wore on the Wizards bench.

And here's J.R.'s brutally-honest reaction.

Ha! The suit is pretty gaudy, though. We can't blame J.R. being J.R. for this one. The rest of Twitter got Wall pretty good too.

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