Who doesn't love including animal emojis in their texts and social media posts? A blue whale, frog and panda only make your online communication that much cooler and cuter.

But here's a sobering fact for you. The real-life versions of many of those animal emojis are endangered, 17 of them to be exact, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Yikes. That's awful to think about.

However, don't feel so bad about the whole thing that you stop using emoji altogether. While continuing to use these emojis won't fix the problem completely, it'll at least help.

WWF just launched a new initiative called #EndangeredEmoji to help save the endangered species lovingly represented by these symbols on Android and iOS devices. WWF is encouraging tweeps to donate 0.10 Euros, or about 11 cents, for every emoji of the 17 endangered species that you send. WWF will provide you with a little summary of the amount of endangered emoji that you sent during that month, but you can donate whatever you like to the fundraising campaign. There's also no commitment to donating when you sign up.

You can head over to WWF's #EndangeredEmoji site to find out more information about why each species is in danger.

To sign up, just retweet the tweet below.

Since you know you're going to use these emoji anyway, you may as well help save the world while doing it.

[H/T Mashable]

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