What's better than a video with Bill Nye explaining science? Bill Nye explaining science by using emoji.

And now, you can get your fix of Bill Nye explaining science with emoji through a new web series launched through GE's EmojiScience.com.

"To help deconstruct serious science in classrooms and around the world, GE's bringing back The Emoji Table of Experiments and launching an interactive scientific resource website on EmojiScience.com," writes GE in a press release. "As a part of a larger ecosystem of emoji teaching tools, GE is also developing official Emoji Science Lesson Plans with the National Science Foundation and debuting a new Emoji Science web series with Bill Nye kicking off on May 4th."

Appropriately enough, Nye's first episode is all about May the 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars day (as in May the 4th be with you).

Last year, GE started the world's first science and emoji lab and recruited millions of students and teachers to participate. The company received thousands of emojis on Snapchat, which triggered them receiving real-time science experiment videos.

EmojiScience.com not only features the interactive emoji table of experiments, but also lesson plans for teachers done in partnership with the National Science Foundation. That curriculum becomes available for download in August with five science-oriented lesson plans and science-based activities.

Nye's web series will feature five parts and air on the website throughout the year covering topics such as energy efficiency, mind mapping and materials science. This new video covers holograms, in honor of Star Wars day.

"In GE labs around the world, our engineers are working on scientific breakthroughs that are changing the way we live - from how we travel to how we conserve energy to how we connect to one another," says Sydney Lestrud, Global Brand Marketing Manager at GE. "These are exciting but often complex science topics. By presenting these hardcore science topics through the lens of emoji, our hope is to create new understanding and conversation around these topics that resonate with several audiences, especially the next-generation."

Last year, Nye released a video about evolution using emoji: that video received nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube.

[Photo Credit: EmojiScience.com]

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