AT&T Pushes Out Minor Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Update: Improvements On Battery, Screen Rotation, And More


AT&T is sending the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a care package of performance enhancements and a power key powerup in an over-the-air update, following a similar supply drop for its S6 base companion a few days earlier. Meanwhile, Samsung dumps one of its virtual wallet platforms and prepares to release another.

The latest update for the Galaxy S6 Edge went live on May 15 and has been making its rounds since then. Here is what's included in the roughly 239MB update:

  1. Battery performance enhancement
  2. HD Voice enhancement
  3. Screen enhancements
  4. AT&T Message enhancement
  5. Screen rotation enhancement
  6. Power key press time from 0.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds
  7. Other various performance enhancements

To secure and use the update, select the Settings option from the Notifications bar then select the About Device option from the System category. From there, select "Check for Updates" to start the digital paper work and begin the download process.

Around the same time AT&T began rolling out the update for the Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung began notifying customers about the impending closure of the Samsung Wallet Service. The good folks over at SamMobile got their hands on a copy of the email.

"Please take note that the Samsung Wallet will no longer be available as of 2015, June 30th (Termination Date)," stated Samsung in the email to Samsung Wallet users. "We are sorry to inform you that the app and its related content will not be accessible after the termination date."

While Samsung says it's sorry it has to break the news of the service's termination, it has taken a roughly $250 million bet on something it thinks will be better. Samsung's S6 series has served as its answer to the iPhone 6 Series, and LoopPay, a company and service it acquired back in February for what now is believed to have been a $250 million deal.

The LoopPay payments system enables mobile devices to mimic the swipe of a credit card or debit card. It only shaves a second or two off the time at the register, but it's considerably more secure than a traditional wallet—plus, it can help shoppers avoid those card read errors associated with worn magnetic strips.

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