When you pick up your game controller or mouse-and-keyboard and sit down to play Batman: Arkham Knight, you may be interested to know just how many of those challenging Riddler Trophies are waiting to be found.

There were only a few dozen in the first game, Arkham Asylum. Back in Batman: Arkham City, there were a jaw-dropping 440 to find. Arkham Origins' (which wasn't created by franchise creator, Rocksteady Studios) equivalent to Riddler Trophies were Enigma's Extortion Files, and there were 200 of them hidden around Gotham City.

So what's Arkham Knight's magic number? Probably not what you're expecting.


That's according to Rocksteady's creative director, Sefton Hill, who just ran a little contest on Twitter for gamers who tried to guess the correct number. Why did they drop their previous record by almost 200 trophies? Hill says that "Riddler has focused on quality over quantity [this time]."

Arkham City's puzzles were often about combining Batman's gymnastics abilities with the incredible gadgets at his disposal. But it sounds like Arkham Knight will be about more than just cleverly-timed button mashing. Plus, there's the Batmobile this time, which adds a new dimension to the entire enterprise.

"These are his most devious and cunning brain teasers ever," Hill added. So sharpen those mental skills and get ready to put your brain to work.

Batman: Arkham Knight is confirmed to release on June 23, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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