Upcoming Apple iPad Might Feature Split-Screen Capability And Multi-User Login: Report


Split-screen views for the iPad could be unveiled at Apple's upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and 12-inch versions of the tablet are expected to follow, according to reports.

Apple mulled launching split screen for the iPad last year, but now the company is believed to be preparing to debut the feature at last, according to unnamed sources cited by 9to5Mac.

This one will require a few grains of salt and a glass of water, as the sources have stated that split-screen could still be pulled before WWDC 2015 next month. The feature may need a bit more polish, according to the report.

The upcoming version of split screen will go beyond Apple's original plans, offering a couple of other views in addition to a side-by-side setup. The split screen feature will offer 1/2, 1/3 and 2/3 views.

The split screen feature will also grant users multiple views of the same app, if desired. For example, users would have the ability to edit a zoomed-in section of a photo with the image editor's toolbox setup right next to the area.

Along with the multitasking iPad users have been asking for, the anonymous sources said Apple is preparing to launch 12-inch version of the iPad at some point after split screen arrives.

Internally, the 12-inch iPads bear the codenames "J98" and "J99. And it's believed the split-screen feature was developed for them.

For those who don't want to wait on the split-screen feature to roll out, the Duet Display app may be the next best thing or even better. The most recent update of Duet Display delivered support for enabling iPads to serve as second screens for devices running Mac OS X.

The accounts coming out of 9to5Mac's sources aren't the first to assert that Apple is gearing up to launch a 12-inch iPad. Just last week, South Korea's ETNews recently ran its own anonymous sources' report on Apple's plans to upsize the iPad.

Apple also asked for samples of silver nano wire, which will enhance its force touch and come at a lower cost than its clear film displays, according to the sources.

"Apple recently requested AgNW touch-panel samples and some enterprises already delivered them to Apple," said the source. "It will first be applied on (a) large-screen iPad, which will be released next year."

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