This week brings issue #35 of Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, the final part of a three-part story series titled "Vendetta."

In this story, two factions in Itari, a country in Africa, war against each other, something they've done throughout history. Wonder Woman comes to the country and asks each faction to consider peace, but Ares, the God of War, appears and seeks to lay waste to the land.

Can Wonder Woman defeat Ares and still bring peace to this war-torn region of the world? Will she?

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #35 answers these questions and brings this story to its conclusion.

First, the writing is as strong in this issue, as in the previous two issues. This is a story ripped from modern headlines: because both these factions have only known war, finding peace is almost impossible. In fact, in issue #33, Wonder Woman even begins to doubt if she'll be able to bring peace to the area because the two refuse to come to terms with each other.

On top of that, Ares' arrival complicates matters, but he's only there because of the fighting that's happened throughout history. So now, Wonder Woman has to fight him and show the Itari people that peace is an option.

Fortunately, that's exactly what happens and the end to the story is satisfying, including the Nelson Mandela quote added for effect. This story feels very real and that's thanks to the writing of Josh Elder.

The artwork, by Jamal Igle and Wendy Broome is strong throughout the issue, but the most impressive part is Wonder Woman's more realistic costume: gone are the high-heeled boots, replaced by boots that look comfortable enough to fight Ares in. We also think the straps on the top make more sense than Wonder Woman's typical costume, plus the skirt seems more action-ready that Wonder Woman's usual briefs.

The action sequences look great, too, particularly when Wonder Woman goes up against Ares.

The only thing at fault here is that this particular Wonder Woman story has come to an end, especially considering that this is one of the best story arcs Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman has seen yet.

However, next week begins a new story arc and we're already looking forward to reading it. That's the beauty of Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman: the iconic Amazonian princess gets reinvented every few weeks.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #35 is available on Comixology now.







[Photo Credit: DC Comics]

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