The Super Mario Bros. live-action movie is terrible. It took a game about cheery plumbers jumping through colorful worlds and transformed it into a gritty, gross mess of a film.

But if Nintendo ever wanted to try and adapt Mario Kart in a similar manner, they might want to look at this video as an example.

What we have here from YouTuber sundbergkr is one of the trailers for Mad Max: Fury Road, only reimagined as Mario Kart. Max stars as Mario and Imperator Furiosa is Princess Peach, which (kind of?) works because sundbergkr has modified the colors of their outfits in the video to match that of their Mario Kart counterparts.

All those scenes of exploding and flipping cars? Those all come as the result of deadly power-ups, of course. Turtle shells, lighting storms and banana peels, they are all here, and put to devastating use. There are a ton of little references as well, like the Bowser-head brand.

It's one of the best mash-ups we've seen in a while, filled with some cool special effects, like when Bullet Bill completely demolish some poor drivers. Watch the full video below.

This is Mario Kart like you've never seen before and will never see again. That's probably for the best. But for the two minute length of this video, it sure is entertaining. Mario Kart and Mad Max almost go as well together as Mad Max and the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song. Almost.

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