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New 4K Trailer Shows Promising Sneak Peek Into 'Borderlands 3'

The new 4K trailer for 'Borderlands 3' debuted at PAX East shows its playable heroes for its four-player cooperative action. The visual quality is better than its predecessor and it also promises over 1 billion procedurally generated guns.

Video Games April 1, 2019

Warriors Orochi 4 Is Official, And It's Heading To The US In 2018

Koei Tecmo surprised its western fans with a new trailer for 'Warriors Orochi 4.' The trailer confirms that the new installment will get an English release in 2018 as well.

Video Games March 19, 2018

New Trailer For 'Sonic Forces' Brings Custom Characters to Sonic's World

Since the original 'Sonic the Hedgehog' was released back in the '90s, fans have only ever played as the titular hedgehog and his friends. With 'Sonic Forces,' that looks like it will be changing.

Video Games May 17, 2017

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Trailer Reveals New Battle Mode, Nintendo Switch Exclusive Content, And More [Video]

Nintendo has released an exciting 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe' overview trailer, teasing exciting changes and new features coming soon. The game will hit Nintendo Switch on April 28, so here's what to expect.

Video Games March 10, 2017

WATCH: Dark Souls III's Latest Trailer For 'The Ringed City' DLC Is Epic

The latest downloadable content for hack-and-slash RPG 'Dark Souls III' is out with an epic trailer. 'The Ringed City,' coming this spring, will make players answer the call of battle once more.

Video Games January 27, 2017

'Power Rangers' Reboot Offers More Character Details, But Still No Zords

The upcoming 'Power Rangers' reboot got its first trailer over the weekend, and now fans can learn even more about each individual ranger.

Movies/TV Shows October 10, 2016

'Pokémon Sun' And 'Moon' Are Getting Even More Version Exclusives

Nintendo continues to unveil even more differences between 'Pokémon Sun' and 'Moon.'

Video Games September 20, 2016

New 'Suicide Squad' Clip Focuses On Deadshot

Warner Bros. just released a new 'Suicide Squad' clip that focuses on Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, as well as his backstory and his relationships with the other Squad members.

Movies/TV Shows July 19, 2016

Watch The First Trailer For 'Batman: The Telltale Series'

With 'Batman: The Telltale Series' set to step out of the shadows in just a few short weeks, Telltale Games just released the first official worldwide trailer for the game.

Video Games July 19, 2016

Noir Teddy Bear Detective Helps Girl Find Missing Brother In 'Bear With Me' Trailer

When a 10-year-old girl's brother goes missing, she enlists the help of her detective teddy bear to help her solve puzzles and uncover mysteries. Watch the trailer for the new point-and-click adventure game 'Bear With Me.'

Video Games July 13, 2016

Two Friends With Down Syndrome Make Zombie Movie: Watch The Trailer Now

Two friends with Down Syndrome, Sam and Mattie, successfully crowdfunded a zombie movie that they wrote and starred in called 'Spring Break Zombie Massacre.' Watch the gory trailer for the movie now.

Movies/TV Shows June 30, 2016

Life On Mars Isn't Pretty In 'The Technomancer' Launch Trailer

In the launch trailer for Spiders' 'The Technomancer,' the planet Mars offers a harsh backdrop for a civilization on the edge of erupting into chaos. Here, survival isn't easy.

Video Games June 27, 2016

'The Technomancer' Gameplay Trailer Shows Players How To Survive On Mars

The Red Planet isn't hospitable, but that hasn't stopped people from living there in 'The Technomancer.' A new gameplay trailer shows how to use skills and powers to survive the harsh environment of Mars.

Video Games June 21, 2016

Is Anything Real In New HBO Trailer For 'Westworld?'

HBO released a teaser trailer for its 'Westworld' series. The show's story takes place in a futuristic kind of Wild West theme park where no one can tell what is real and what isn't.

Movies/TV Shows June 20, 2016

'Life Is Strange' Developer Reveals The Waking Nightmare Of 'Vampyr' In E3 Trailer

DontNod, the development studio behind 'Life is Strange,' revealed a new trailer for 'Vampyr' that takes players to 1918 London, where they must roam the streets as a bloodthirsty monster.

Video Games June 14, 2016

The Villains Want To Come Out And Play In New 'Suicide Squad' Trailer

Warner Bros. just released a new spot to air during the NBA finals for 'Suicide Squad,' which brings some of DC Comics' most notorious and evil villains to the big screen.

Movies/TV Shows June 9, 2016

Fight The Cyborg Apocalypse In 'Hard Reset Redux' Launch Trailer

In 'Hard Reset Redux,' players take on the cyborg apocalypse to protect the city of Bezoar from total extinction. The game's launch trailer shows the brutality of the title's setting and gameplay.

Video Games June 3, 2016

'Batman v Superman' Ultimate Edition Trailer Includes A Ton Of New Footage

The extended edition of 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' is coming later this month.

Movies/TV Shows June 2, 2016

'Mighty No. 9' Developer Isn't Happy With The Game's New, Offensive Trailer

A new trailer for 'Mighty No. 9' mocks anime fans, and now, one of the game's developers is speaking out.

Video Games May 26, 2016

It's An Open And Dangerous World In New 'Ghost Recon Wildlands' Trailer

A new trailer for 'Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands' shows off the first game in the franchise to have a massive open world full of forests, deserts, mountains and danger.

Video Games May 26, 2016

'The Mechanical Apartheid' Begins In 'Deus Ex: Mankind' Live-Action Short Film

Eidos Montreal released a live-action short film based around its upcoming release of 'Deus Ex: Mankind.' The film shows events that led to the game's dark and dystopian setting.

Video Games May 26, 2016

'Loot Rascals' Is Part Adventure Game, Part Card Game

Video game developer Hollow Ponds announced 'Loot Rascals,' a new game that mixes sci-fi adventure and action with a card game. The title will launch in 2017 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Video Games May 25, 2016

In 'Morgan' Trailer, AI Is Not Just Creepy, But Also Terrifying

In the horror sci-fi thriller 'Morgan,' Kate Mara meets an extraordinary being with artificial intelligence that seems malevolent, at least for Kate Mara's character. This is the directorial debut for Ridley Scott's son, Luke.

Movies/TV Shows May 25, 2016

The New 'Ghostbusters' Trailer Is Already Getting Mass-Disliked On YouTube

Even though this new trailer is much better than the first, it seems there are plenty of people still out to get the 'Ghostbusters' reboot.

Movies/TV Shows May 18, 2016

Latest 'Ghostbusters' Trailer Teases The New, Scarier Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

The new trailer for 'Ghostbusters' is filled with paranormal activity, including a new Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Movies/TV Shows May 18, 2016

New 'Preacher' Trailer Walks Both Sides Of The Line

Chris Hardwick posted a new trailer for AMC's 'Preacher.' He also announced that he will host a talk show based on the series that will air after the premiere and season finale episodes.

Movies/TV Shows May 16, 2016

Battlefield 1 Historical Trailer Analysis Reveals Game Creators Did Their Homework

The 'Battlefield 1' cinematic trailer was evaluated by experts from The Great War for historical accuracy. The first person shooter scored high in the realism scale, showing that DICE and EA did attend their history classes diligently.

Video Games May 15, 2016

'Orange Is The New Black' Season 4 Trailer Brings Pain And Tears To Litchfield

A new trailer for season four of 'Orange is the New Black' on Netflix shows Litchfield prison on the verge of blowing up, thanks to high tensions and overcrowding.

Movies/TV Shows May 10, 2016

'Battlefield 1' Trailer Released: DICE Explains Why They Chose World War I Setting

The next 'Battlefield' game will be set in the era of The Great War. Out goes the sensors and silicon, in comes the bleeding edge tech of the first modern war.

Video Games May 10, 2016

'Mafia III' Trailer Shows Off Driving And Burning Rubber In New Bordeaux

The new trailer for the impending action-adventure game 'Mafia III' has been released by publisher 2K Games, giving a glimpse into the incredible driving action.

Video Games May 9, 2016

LEGO 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Trailer Is A Perfect Remake

This shot-for-shot remake of the 'Rogue One' trailer is so good, you might mistake it for a LEGO 'Rogue One' video game.

Geek May 6, 2016

Here's Your First Extended Look At Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Snowden

Oliver Stone's film about National Security Agency's whistleblower finally releases its official trailer on April 27. Watch how Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrayed the most wanted man in the world.

Movies/TV Shows April 28, 2016

New 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer Shows More Footage Of Black Panther

A new trailer for Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War' shows some new footage of Black Panther, as well as Steve Rogers acting as a pallbearer at a funeral for an unknown character.

Movies/TV Shows April 27, 2016

Jason Bourne Remembers Everything In This Debut Trailer

In 'Jason Bourne,' Matt Damon steps into the shoes of the character once more. In a new trailer for the film, Jason remembers who he is, and he is back in action.

Movies/TV Shows April 21, 2016

You'll Pay Attention To 'The Technomancer' After The Debut Of This Stunning Gameplay Trailer

If you didn't yet know about cyberpunk RPG 'The Technomancer,' you'll want to learn more after watching a new trailer that outlines the video game's story, gameplay, combat and setting.

Geek April 19, 2016

Family, Friends And Fans Remember Leonard Nimoy In 'For The Love Of Spock' Trailer

The 'For the Love of Spock' documentary about Leonard Nimoy now has a trailer that includes actors, fans and friends speaking about how the 'Star Trek' actor touched the world with his portrayal of Mr. Spock.

Movies/TV Shows April 14, 2016

‘Suicide Squad’ Reshoots For Humor Is Silly: David Ayer

'Suicide Squad' Director David Ayer shoots down reshoot for humor rumors via Twitter. The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Enchantress introduce a new 'Suicide Squad' trailer.

Movies/TV Shows April 12, 2016

New 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Trailer Warns The Real War Is Between The Living And The Dead

HBO continues to give fans more glimpses at the new season of 'Game of Thrones,' and this trailer is the most serious yet.

Movies/TV Shows April 11, 2016

Family Ties And Legacy Prove Important In New 'Gears Of War 4' Trailer

The new trailer for 'Gears of War 4' shows Marcus Fenix - after his battles in the first three games - raising a son who will inevitably become part of a new struggle and war.

Geek April 11, 2016

First 'Star Wars: Rogue One' Trailer Raises Plenty Of Questions About The Early Days Of The Rebellion

We've finally gotten our first look at 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,' and now, we've got a ton of questions about the final film.

Movies/TV Shows April 7, 2016

We Finally Have Footage From 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' In First Official Teaser Trailer

The first official teaser trailer for 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' will make its debut in 'Good Morning America' on April 7. Watch the preview for the teaser trailer!

Movies/TV Shows April 7, 2016

Daniel Radcliffe's Dead Body Vomits, Farts, And Explodes In Totally Strange Trailer For 'Swiss Army Man'

The crazy Sundance Festival film people walked out of will be released in the summer for everyone to see. Find out more about the film that had Daniel Radcliffe playing as a farting corpse.

Movies/TV Shows April 5, 2016

In 'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow' Trailer, The Team Debates Killing A Young Vandal Savage

In a new trailer for 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow,' the team debates an age-old question: should it travel back in time and deliberately kill a younger version of Vandal Savage?

Movies/TV Shows April 1, 2016

Lena Headey, Sean Bean And Aaron Paul Star In New 'Final Fantasy XV' Movie

Square Enix announced a new 'Final Fantasy XV' movie called 'Kingsglaive,' which stars 'Game of Thrones' stars Sean Bean and Lena Headey, as well as Aaron Paul from 'Breaking Bad' in its voice cast.

Movies/TV Shows March 31, 2016

'Arrow' Promo Teases Major Character Death

At the beginning of this season of 'Arrow,' it was clear that someone would die, but who? A new trailer for next week's episode teases that fans will finally learn who is in the mysterious grave.

Movies/TV Shows March 31, 2016

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