Even though not everyone can buy a Porsche, everyone knows what a Porsche is. The universal brand awareness enjoyed by one of the best luxury sports cars on the market is second to none.

So when the owner of a Porsche 911 got his two-door back from a repair shop for a minor fix, he was shocked to find out the mechanics made a horrible blunder on his $150,000 car.

Ollie Martin posted on Twitter a picture of his friend's Porsche with the name of the car all banged up. Martin says his friend went to a local mechanic to have a minor repair of a dent in the bumper of his car. But while the repairmen did a stellar job of getting rid of the dent, they made a terrible job spelling the name of the car. Putting the letters back on the bumper, the repairmen ended up spelling it as Porshce.

The car's owner, whose name remains undisclosed, is a former resident of England but now lives permanently in Dubai, reports The Mirror. It is unknown what he plans to do with the cringe-worthy spelling of his expensive status car, but all the Spelling Nazi are sure to coax him into having the spelling of his 'Porshce' right away.

A number of weird things have been happening to Porsches and their lower-end counterparts in the last several days. Two weeks ago, a man in Thailand was caught on camera having sex with a Porsche Boxter. The two-seater roadster was parked unassumingly inside a garage when the man, as seen on footage caught by a CCTV, enters the frame looking around at the garage as though he is planning on which car to steal.

He then walks over to the back of the beautiful white Porsche, gets on his knees and his pants are out of the way. Just a few seconds after grinding away at the back, the man walks to the front of the car and puts certain body parts where they're not supposed to be, right in the grill of the car, before moving to the back again to finish what he started.

The video of the man making unabashed love to a Porsche surfaced just after a similar incident happened to a VW Polo in Brazil.

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