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Watch Ex-Formula 1 Driver Mark Webber Take The Porsche Mission E Out For A Spin

Ex-Formula 1 driver Mark Webber drove the Porsche Mission E for the first time, giving car enthusiasts a peek at the electric car's performance. According to him, it is a game changer.

Car Tech May 21, 2018

Porsche Mission E Range Anxiety Solved? All Porsche Dealerships To Be Equipped With Fast Charging Stations

Range anxiety is one of the biggest concerns of consumers when it comes to electric vehicles. Porsche will look to solve this problem for the Porsche Mission E by equipping its dealerships in the United States with fast charging stations.

Car Tech March 1, 2018

Porsche Brake Squeal Is Apparently A Safety Feature, Not A Defect

Porsche released a video titled Brake Squeal Explained, focused on the misconception that the noise means that there's something wrong. The brake squeals only mean that the braking system is working as intended, according to Porsche.

Car Tech February 2, 2018

Nissan Won't Kill Off The 370Z, And It Won't Overhaul It Either

The Nissan 307Z is not dying. Instead, the Japanese carmaker confirmed that it will be kept alive but likewise added that there is no plan to upgrade and overhaul the sports coupe anytime soon.

Car Tech January 30, 2018

Porsche Passport Lets You Drive Up To 22 Luxury Vehicles On Demand, But It Won't Be Cheap

Porsche will soon launch an app-based subscription service that will allow customers to drive up to 22 different models of the luxury carmaker. The program is named Porsche Passport, and it will not come cheap.

Car Tech October 11, 2017

Forget Surface Book: Porsche Design's Book One Laptop Is Ultra-Stylish Windows 2-in-1

Thinking of buying the Surface Book? You may want to consider looking at Porsche Design’s ultra-stylish Book One with high-end specifications -- if you’re willing to pay, that is.

Computers March 19, 2017

Tesla Model S Shatters Acceleration Record After 'Spaceballs'-Inspired Update

In a Motor Trend test, the Tesla Model S P100D clocked an insane 2.28 seconds to reach 60 mph acceleration speed. No other production car has breached the 2.3-second mark.

Car Tech February 7, 2017

Preorder Your Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9, Shipment Starts January End

The shipment of Porshe Design Huawei Mate 9 shall begin on Jan. 31. Porshe Design website provides the interested buyers an opportunity to preorder the mobile phone and reserve it at €1,395 ($1,500).

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 26, 2017

Rumor: Huawei P10 Said To Be The Priciest Phone In The Series

A recent rumor revealed that Huawei's upcoming P10 flagship will fetch an outrageous price, possibly eclipsing even the Mate 9 Porsche Design's price. The device is expected to debut next month at the Mobile World Congress.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 24, 2017

Top Engineer At Porsche Was Poached By Apple: Report

Apple reportedly poached Porsche engineer Alexander Hitzinger early in 2016 for its top secret automated vehicle project. The Cupertino company's dreams of an iCar might not be dead just yet.

Apple December 20, 2016

Tesla Model S 'Easter Egg' To Boost Performance, Increase Speed Via Software Update: 0 To 60 In 2.4 Seconds

In a software update rolling out in December, Tesla will be embedding an Easter Egg that can shave a tenth of a second from the P100D Ludicrous versions of the Model S and Model X vehicles.

Car Tech November 17, 2016

These 5 Hottest Cars Are Blazing A Trail At The 2016 Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show 2016 kicked off on the very first day of October. We've selected the five hottest cars that are blazing a trail.

Car Tech October 2, 2016

Porsche Fast-Tracks Mission E Tesla Rival, Boosting Workforce With 1,400 New Hires

Porsche announced it will be boosting its workforce with 1,400 new employees to deliver an entirely electric vehicle by 2019. Mission E was touted as a serious contender for Tesla’s Model S, and parent company Volkswagen has strong reasons to back it.

Car Tech July 27, 2016

Volkswagen Recall Plan For 3.0-Liter Diesel Cars Rejected: California Says Proposal Is 'Substantially Deficient'

Volkswagen’s long-running involvement in some 85,000 reported cases of cheating in emission tests continues after proposals to provide a working fix for larger engines were rejected by California’s air-regulation board this Wednesday. It’s back to the drawing boards for the company.

Car Tech July 14, 2016

Porsche Engineer Says Mission E Will Be 'Something Special,' While Exec Claims Tesla's Ludicrous Mode Is A 'Facade'

A Porsche engineer described the upcoming Mission E electric vehicle as 'something special.' In addition, a product manager for the luxury carmaker called the Ludicrous mode of Tesla Motors a 'facade.'

Car Tech June 21, 2016

This Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS Set Will Make You Drool

Lego and Porsche teamed up to develop the Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The 1:8 scale model contains 2,704 pieces and working components such as a functional steering wheel, active engine cylinders and an operational transmission.

Car Tech April 26, 2016

Porsche 718 Cayman Officially Debuts, Marking The First Time Coupé And Roadster Share Identical Engine Output

As expected, Porsche's 718 hardtop Cayman has finally been revealed, shortly after the announcement of its ragtop convertible counterpart, the 718 Boxster. For the first time, the two 718 variants are mechanically the same, but the Cayman is cheaper.

Car Tech April 26, 2016

Here's How Porsche Designed Its Mission E Concept [Video]

Luxury car manufacturer Porsche has recently released a video detailing the steps it took to create its upcoming electric vehicle. The Mission E is the company’s first vehicle that relies solely on electricity to run.

FUTURE TECH April 2, 2016

Porsche 718 Boxster Makes US Debut In New York

Porsche 718 Boxster debuts in the U.S. at the 2016 New York Auto Show. The car will reach U.S. dealership this June with a base price of $56,000.

FUTURE TECH March 25, 2016

Court Acquits Former Porsche Executives In Volkswagen Share Market Manipulation Case

Former executives of Porsche were acquitted in a regional trial court in Stuttgart, Germany. Ex-CEO Wendelin Wiedeking and ex-CFO Holger Haerter were both charged with manipulating the market in a bid to take over Volkswagen in 2008.

Legal March 18, 2016

Volkswagen Has Until March To Come Up With A Viable Diesel Emission Fix

Volkswagen needs to hurry with a definitive answer on whether it found a fix to the emissions issue which stirred a global scandal and numerous lawsuits. A U.S. judge set March 24 as the deadline for the fix update.

Legal February 27, 2016

Volkswagen Proposes Fix For VW, Porsche And Audi Vehicles With 3.0-Liter Diesel Engines

German carmaker Volkswagen has proposed an engine fix for the recalled 3.0-liter diesel vehicles that emit pollution that exceeds the legal limit. The Volkswagen Group of America has submitted its plan to the EPA and the California Air Resources Board .

FUTURE TECH February 3, 2016

Porsche Not Joining The Self-Driving Race: Will Focus On Hybrid And Electric

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume declared that the sports car manufacturer will only focus on developing hybrid and electric technology for its vehicles. Take a look at some of the company's available hybrid models that are already on the roads.

FUTURE TECH February 2, 2016

Porsche Unveils The New 718 Boxster And Boxster S

Porsche unveiled the 718 Boxster and the 718 Boxster S with new engines. The starting price of the 718 Boxster and the 718 Boxster S will be $56,000 and $68,400 respectively.

FUTURE TECH January 27, 2016

Porsche 911 Turbo Engine Purrs In New Teaser [Video]

Porsche revealed its new 3.8 liter twin-turbo engine 911 Turbo model in a video and the beastly vehicle purrs as good as ever. The Stuttgart-based manufacturer touted the 911 Turbo S variant as well, which is an ever mightier powerhouse.

FUTURE TECH December 18, 2015

Porsche Announces Name Change For 2016 Models: 718 Boxster And 718 Cayman

Car maker Porsche rechristened its Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman to 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman, which will be the 2016 models. The cars have also been downsized to a four-cylinder engine for the 2016 models.

FUTURE TECH December 14, 2015

Volkswagen Stops Sales Of Diesel Audi Models After EPA's Accusation Of Violating Emissions Standards

The Environmental Protection Agency says several 2015-16 Audi diesel models, including the A6, A7, A8 and Q5, have emissions-cheating software.

Legal November 4, 2015

Porsche, Audi Dragged Into Volkswagen Emissions Scandal As EPA Finds Cheat Device In Luxury Vehicles

New findings by the EPA reveal some of Porsche and Audi’s newer sedans and SUVs are also equipped with emissions cheating software. Volkswagen, however, denies equipping its luxury vehicles with a cheat device.

FUTURE TECH November 3, 2015

Porsche Recalls 59,000 Macan S And Macan Turbo Due To Potential Fuel Leak

Porsche issued a voluntary safety recall for almost 59,000 units of Macan S and Macan Turbo due to a possible leakage in the vehicles' low-pressure fuel-line. The examination and parts replacement, if needed, will be free of charge.

FUTURE TECH November 2, 2015

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 And Targa 4 All-Wheel-Drives Get New 3.0-Liter Six-Twin Turbo Engine And 370 Horsepower

Porsche will release the 2017 911 Carrera 4 and Targa 4 models with all wheel-drive and a 3L flat-six, twin-turbo engine that outputs 370 ponies. The 4s variants will have a modified compressor that will enable them to output 420 hp.

FUTURE TECH October 10, 2015

Google Denies Claims Android Auto Spies On You, Says It Takes Privacy ‘Seriously’

Google came out with a statement rebuffing an earlier report accusing it of collecting large and unnecessary amounts of data through Android Auto.

FUTURE TECH October 8, 2015

Porsche Is Going With Apple CarPlay For New 911 Cars: Sorry, Android Auto

Porsche opts for Apple CarPlay instead of Android Auto in its upcoming 911 Carrera and 911 Carrera S. Google's data requirement from carmakers may have made the German carmaker select Apple.

FUTURE TECH October 7, 2015

Volkswagen To Tap Porsche Chief To Drive It Out Of Crisis

Porsche chief Matthias Mueller will be named the new CEO of Volkswagen to replace Martin Winterkorn, who resigned on Sept. 23 amid the discovery of software on diesel-powered Volkswagen vehicles that cheat emissions tests.

FUTURE TECH September 25, 2015

Sheik Driving Speeding Ferrari Leaves The U.S. Following Viral Street Race Video

A speeding Ferrari was caught on camera as it tries to engage a white Porsche in a race along the streets of Beverly Hills. Police are still trying to investigate on the identity of the person behind the wheels.

Society September 21, 2015

Porsche CEO Says Mission E Electric Car Is More About Timing Than Competing With Tesla

Detlev von Platen says the auto manufacturer developed its electric technology for a few years until feeling like it was up to Porsche's standards and able to deliver a high-caliber driving performance that the brand is known for.

FUTURE TECH September 16, 2015

Janis Joplin’s Porsche Expected To Fetch Over $400,000 On Sotheby’s Auction Block

​Janis Joplin’s psychedelic Porsche​ ​will be auctioned off in​ New York​​ on December.​ It is expected to fetch at least six figures.

FUTURE TECH September 16, 2015

Audi And Porsche Unveil Electric Cars To Compete With Tesla

Audi's e-tron Quattro SUV concept and Porsche's first-ever battery-powered sports car are slated for a 2018 release to the market. For now, they're stealing some of Tesla's thunder for their Model X, which begins deliveries September 29.

FUTURE TECH September 14, 2015

The Insane Track That Porsche Tests Its Cars At 200 Miles Per Hour On Will Amaze You

The track at Porsche's Nardo Technical Center measures 7.8 miles around and 2.5 miles in diameter, allowing for test speeds at 200 mph.

FUTURE TECH July 6, 2015

Car Owner Brings Porsche 911 For Simple Dent Repair But Comes Home With A 'Porshce'

The owner of a Porsche 911 was distraught to find out the mechanics left a glaring spelling blunder on his $150,000 car.

FUTURE TECH May 26, 2015

Not So Super: Porsche Recalls 918 Spyder Due to Faulty Chassis

This is the second recall order that Porsche has issued for the $845,000 plug-in hybrid sports car.

FUTURE TECH December 26, 2014

Environmentally friendly 200 mph Lamborghini Asterion unveiled in Paris

Lamborghini unveiled a demonstration for its new Asterion LPI 910-4 that is still just a concept, but is the fist hybrid for the sport scar manufacturer.

Geek October 2, 2014

Porsche, Hyundai get high marks for customer satisfaction

Porsche and Hyundai are recognized as attaining highest new-owner satisfaction in a new J.D. Power survey. Automakers were judged according to performance, execution and layout.

FUTURE TECH July 23, 2014

Porsche ranks highest in J.D. Power Initial Quality Study

Porsche ranked the highest in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study for the second straight year. The study, however, shows that average overall initial quality decreased by 3 percent compared to last year.

Business June 20, 2014

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