A Ouija board-like ritual has gone viral on the Web and has kids all over the world posting strange videos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The Charlie Charlie Challenge is an ancient Mexican ritual that includes two pencils placed in a cross-shaped pattern on a piece of paper with words "yes" and "no" written inside the four pencil-formed squares. Brave kids repeat the chant "Charlie, Charlie, are you here?" to summon a spirit demon named Charlie. If the pencil shifts and points to yes, Charlie is in the house and one can ask for his demonic guidance in the form of yes/no inquiries.

Many videos posted on the Internet on Monday claim Charlie has answered players' questions by moving the pencil to yes or no on the paper. Some posted that this is a very dangerous ritual and that it may end up unleashing several demons in a user's location if the ritual steps are not followed to the letter, such as running away without saying goodbye to Charlie. Of course, while some find it creepy and weird, other kids posted parodies and memes regarding funny ideas like marriage to celebrities, examination answers and album releases.

Some fans like to ask Charlie if its possible.

An adult way of warning kids about doing this.

Its really kind of biased when you do it this way.

It is kind of puzzling that if this is a real Mexican ritual, why is the boy's name American style? Experts say it should be "Carlos."

The challenge has been a crazy and funny experience and it is safe for children to try it as long as they don't poke each other with pencils. Still, it is not good to rely on this kind of ritual if one would like to seek answers on trivial daily questions.

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