'Send Me To Heaven' Android App Will Be The Last Game You Play On Your Phone


Ever been so frustrated with your phone you just want to throw it? You are not alone. Usually this sudden urge to smash your phone against the concrete floor happens after reading a mean text from your significant other, or when your outdated phone fails to work anymore.

But would you dare to throw your phone for fun?

Well there actually is a game that asks users to throw your phone or tablet in the air to see how high it can go.

Beware! This will probably be the last game you ever play on your phone—that is, if your hand-eye coordination is off, and your beloved Galaxy S 6 goes crashing to the ground.

The Android app Send Me To Heaven, or simply S.M.T.H., is a sports game where users compete against others around the world to see how high their phones can fly in the air. The phone registers the height achieved, collecting points along the way, and of course, the closer to the heavens, the better. The results are uploaded onto leader boards which include: the World Top 10, Week Top 10, Day Top 10 and Local Top 10.

Created by developer Carrot Pop, S.M.T.H. requires Android 2.3.3. and up, and works only with devices that have an ARMv7 processor.

Upon downloading the mobile game, users must agree to a disclaimer that says they agree to play S.M.T.H. at their own risk. The author and distributor of the app is not liable for any damages to the user's phone or tablet—or any injuries caused to themselves.

Users are then instructed to "throw your phone as high as you can," but avoid the phone from rotating which can give false results. It's recommended to "start to throw your phone gently about 20 cm, find the way which works for you and increase the height gradually."

Users can post photos and videos on their attempts on the S.M.T.H. Facebook page. Not surprisingly, some users have commented about how the game has resulted in smashed phones, but they are pleased with the results, giving it 4.1 stars.

We have seen our fair share of unique games in the Play Store, but one is surely one of a kind. Since it probably was the last game played by iPhone users, Apple's App Store removed the game because it was "encouraging behavior that could result in damage to the user's device."

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Photo: SMTH | Facebook

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